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How racing a canoe can lead to divorce.

Anybody that has known me for about 15 minutes could tell you that I am not A) athletic or B) competitive.  Not that I don't exercise but I don't like things like races, sports, gyms (come on we all know they're judging) and basically all things done in groups or teams.  Now that being established I would like to take you back about two months ago.  My husband calls me from work (amazing since I normally do all the calling during the day to scream about how much I hate love my children).  He had called to ask me if I would be interested in participating in a canoe race on the Charles river.  It had something to do with cleaning it up...the river that is.  My immediate response was a emphatic NO.  "No thank you, what time will you be home?  I think I am going to kill the kids."  Those were my exact words but I could tell he was let down that I was not as pumped up about this new endeavor.  Granted I am sitting home with his two screaming, fighting children and no…