Monday, March 12, 2012

Overhaul...mind, body, closet.

So this weekend we tackled a project that I have wanted to accomplish since we moved into our house almost a year and a half ago.  MY CLOSET!  I kid you not when I say I had wardrobe boxes and 3 LARGE laundry baskets still filled with clothes from the move.  I had NO clue what the heck I owned.  My house (being old as dirt) has very small and limited closet space, one of the downfalls of loving antique homes.  My closet was the exception though.  There was plenty of space, since my room was an addition added on some time in the mid 80's.  The problem was that it had been poorly laid out.  There was just one l-o-n-g hanging rack and lots of dead space.  To add to the problem the room has slanted ceilings on both sides, therefore large bureaus and wardrobes were out of the question.  I had to hang literally every single article of clothing I owned...which of course I wouldn't do and most often I would just leave it folded in the laundry basket.  This leads to wearing the same outfit at least 3 times a week, wrinkled, and not knowing what was at the bottom of the laundry basket EVER.

I would receive my IKEA catalogue about every 6 months and drool over the nicely organized closets. So this Saturday I dragged my dear husband and children all the way to Stoughton, a short 2 hour drive from New Hampshire, and picked out my brand spanking new closet system. That was the easy part, even the installation was easy compared to going through ALL MY CLOTHES.  After I had them all out and piled on my bed and floor I actually felt tears burning in my eyes at the overwhelming task of sorting through all this crap!

I had clothes from three different eras and drastically different sizes.

A) Pre-pregnancy, size 7,  fun, cute, sexy attire designed to get Mr. Jaffe to throw a ring on it.

B) Maternity clothes...nostalgia keeps me from getting rid of all of them and lets admit it ladies those elastic waist bands are pretty comfy!  Guess A) worked out huh?!  Also my husband loves those convenient nursing bras or as we lovingly refer to them "booby chaps".

C) Post baby frump attire.  The size I won't disclose.  But in my credit none of these frocks fit anymore because Mama is getting back in those era A clothes with a quickness! It was mostly yoga pants that have not once ever seen a day of yoga and Lane Bryant big girl britches.

It took me the entire day yesterday.  From about 8am till 5pm with NO BREAK.  I managed to trudge through the mountains of clothes and shoes...oh the shoes.  I must really like to buy flip flops because LORDY there had to be 40 pairs.  So by 4pm I had to make a trip to the clothes donation bin because I could not fit any more trash bags in my car.  Now that is a mighty refreshing feeling.  Letting go of all that extra bulk.  As I drove away from that bin I felt about 100 pounds lighter.  I know the car sure did.

So here it is, my pride and joy.  I even got out the label maker.  Now that is some Martha Stewart shit right there.

Check out my labels...

And hiding behind all of it is a entire other rack for all the dresses and formal crap I don't wear on a regular basis.  Schweet!

Mom ain't wearing mom jeans no more baby! 25 down 20 to go!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Progress (slow but steady)

Around Christmas this year I decided that the baby weight excuse was out the window.  Slowly and steadily I have been chipping away at the excess baggage that two 8 lb babies and lots of trapped in the house boredom had created.  I am happy to report the results are finally noticeable to me.  Sorry for the Facebook body shots but this is more of a motivation for me to keep going then anything else.  Hey I have to pat myself on the back sometimes folks. *pat, pat*

This is one of the pictures that let me see how out of hand this little "weight" thing had gotten.  August 2011.

February 2012

March 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Terrible two, three bourbons and a red refrigerator.

When I was a teenager there were people who would tell me that as I got older all those pesky teenage problems like acne would eventually get better and in some cases clear up completely.  Not here. Nope. Since turning 30 it seems that my skin has decided it wants to have its cake and eat it too. Wrinkles (albeit not quite noticeably deep) sure, why not?  Zits to rival a 15 year old, absolutely!  WHAT GIVES?  We already know that I was blessed with freckles which over time I have come to accept and even at times enjoy but zits and wrinkles??!!  Come on already!

I seriously need some advice.  I do everything right. I buy the oil free products, mineral makeup, wash my face diligently morning and night and still every single month, without fail, I am battling at least 2 major breakouts.  Pro-activ works. Yes it does.  It also dries out your lips and bleaches the shiznit out of every single towel in your bathroom.  Then after you have ruined all of your towels and had your lips shed 10 times in a week they send you the second box of the crap at double the initial price.  Soooooooo I cancel it.  Then I need it again. And we do this at least 4 times a year.  So that means we get new bath towels quarterly.  Pretty expensive cleansing system if I do say so myself.  Please, if you have any miracles send them my way.

In other news...widely announced on Facebook via slide shows and family baby girl turned two!!  Today we went for her well child visit and I am glad to announce I am dealing with a typical well child.  Hooray for a clean bill of health.  We had a nice little family birthday party for my girl and she made out like a bandit.

Daddy also has a birthday this month so we lumped them both together and celebrated Dov turning 30 last Saturday too.  He got everything he ever dreamed of and now our liquor cabinet is filled with bourbon. Three different kinds to be exact.  So needless to say Dov has been sleeping well.

We also took on a pretty significant project on Sunday.  Chalkboarding our refrigerator.  I had made up my mind that this was going to happen at about 7 o'clock on Sunday morning and by 12 noon the newspaper was spread out and the roller was in hand.  I was not at all pleased when 5 minutes before the first swipe of primer my mother called to tell me, "DON'T DO IT!"  Thanks but this Scorpios mind was set and there was no backing down now.  I quickly got her off the line and began the process of magnetic priming my "elderly" fridge.  I say elderly so that you know this is no brand new piece of kitchen equipment I was defacing.  This fridge came with the house and is a good 10 years old.  I basically figured that if this project became a monstrosity then worst case scenario would be me getting a new fridge. WIN/WIN right?  I am happy to announce though that  my family and I LOVE IT!  I recommend that everybody paint their large expensive kitchen appliances with chalk board paint.  :)

Sometimes you are doing something so crazy you just have to laugh at adds to the whole "I have gone completely insane" image.
~That about chalks it up~

****I also wanted to post a link to my group on Babycenter .  I noticed that there has been a lot of traffic here from people searching "nuchal translucency".  If you found me due to a iffy first trimester screen please head over and check out whats happening on BBC. Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound Information Group. Lots of support and encouragement to be found .***

Happy Tuesday all!