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Overhaul...mind, body, closet.

So this weekend we tackled a project that I have wanted to accomplish since we moved into our house almost a year and a half ago.  MY CLOSET!  I kid you not when I say I had wardrobe boxes and 3 LARGE laundry baskets still filled with clothes from the move.  I had NO clue what the heck I owned.  My house (being old as dirt) has very small and limited closet space, one of the downfalls of loving antique homes.  My closet was the exception though.  There was plenty of space, since my room was an addition added on some time in the mid 80's.  The problem was that it had been poorly laid out.  There was just one l-o-n-g hanging rack and lots of dead space.  To add to the problem the room has slanted ceilings on both sides, therefore large bureaus and wardrobes were out of the question.  I had to hang literally every single article of clothing I owned...which of course I wouldn't do and most often I would just leave it folded in the laundry basket.  This leads to wearing the same o…

Progress (slow but steady)

Around Christmas this year I decided that the baby weight excuse was out the window.  Slowly and steadily I have been chipping away at the excess baggage that two 8 lb babies and lots of trapped in the house boredom had created.  I am happy to report the results are finally noticeable to me.  Sorry for the Facebook body shots but this is more of a motivation for me to keep going then anything else.  Hey I have to pat myself on the back sometimes folks. *pat, pat*

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Terrible two, three bourbons and a red refrigerator.

When I was a teenager there were people who would tell me that as I got older all those pesky teenage problems like acne would eventually get better and in some cases clear up completely.  Not here. Nope. Since turning 30 it seems that my skin has decided it wants to have its cake and eat it too. Wrinkles (albeit not quite noticeably deep) sure, why not?  Zits to rival a 15 year old, absolutely!  WHAT GIVES?  We already know that I was blessed with freckles which over time I have come to accept and even at times enjoy but zits and wrinkles??!!  Come on already!

I seriously need some advice.  I do everything right. I buy the oil free products, mineral makeup, wash my face diligently morning and night and still every single month, without fail, I am battling at least 2 major breakouts.  Pro-activ works. Yes it does.  It also dries out your lips and bleaches the shiznit out of every single towel in your bathroom.  Then after you have ruined all of your towels and had your lips shed 10 t…