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That table is perfect for blow.

On Monday I made a trip to Target for diapers and checked out with almost 200 dollars worth of...what I lovingly call CRAP.  Well I won't say it was all crap just yet because I scored a little table for 30 bucks marked down from 100.  So what if the first thing my husband asked me when he saw it was if I wanted to get some blow.  I was damn sick of him thinking I was trying to put the moves on every time I leaned over him to get a tissue or put my glasses on the  nightstand which was on HIS side of the bed.  I wanted a night table and damn it I got one.  It was the only table I have seen that was small enough and low enough and cheap enough for our slanted ceiling bedroom.
The blue light bulb is a mistake.  Damn LED lights. Although it cast a glow that sorta makes you look like a corpse in the dark soooo that is not creepy at all right?

Also, Dov and I have started a little love affair with Amherst Earth Materials and spend pretty much all our free time and money buying mulch, co…