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You sound like a truck driver and other things people have said to me.

Dov and I had a discussion last night that went sorta like this, "Why do people assume that I am a hard ass when I am soooo not.  I mean I am WAY nicer then most of the people I know.  I go out of my way to be nice to people who totally deserve a punch in the face."  Dov responds.  "See."  So yeah, I guess he has a point but cripes it's a little concerning that a label that got tossed on you in high school can follow you right into adulthood.  So what if I am a little blunt, at least I am not boring.  I would rather be ANYTHING then a boring person.  Even if that means that people get the wrong idea about me. This all led to a night of mind racing.  Always a good end to the day.

So around 3 am I came to the conclusion that maybe it is the short thing.  I am like majorly short.  Five foot on a good day.  So I talk louder and add a couple expletives in there now and again just so if you missed me in the crowd at least you might hear me somewhere in there.  That,…

Bella's first ballet class

Today Bella attended her first ballet class with her friend Eila.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect since Bella is mostly around boys...and big boys at that.  Most of her time is spent with Noah and his friends and she rarely gets to see other little girls.  She is pretty attached to mommy right now and tends to cling to my hip when she is outside of her comfort zone.  I guess I was pretty much expecting her to stay by me here as well.  Imagine my surprise when she got right in line with the other little girls and Eila took her hand and led her into the studio.  Priceless.

She was still a little leery and kept her distance once class started but she held her own and stayed through all the warm up exercises, occasionally stealing glances at me.  She was a good 6 months younger then the youngest member of the class and that was pretty evident.  Bella still needs her Mama nearby and that my friends is fine by me.  She is still my baby.

For now I think we might just observe ballet…

She had a pocket full of horses, Trojans some of em used.

Sometimes I lose my ipod.  For like months.  It will go on a trip in the truck with Dov, the kids and I and a week later I can't remember when was the last time I saw it.  Dov's truck is about as clean as my car and that is NOT saying much, so a quick glance in there is likely to yield no results.  I then come to the conclusion that one of the children has ganked it and I will find it when I decide it is time to clean the rats out from under the couch.

So anyways it has been missing since me and hubs went to see Kenny Chesney back in August.  Yeah...that long.  But you know what is the best part of finding it after all that time?  I get to LOVE all the music again. Because I am fickle with my music love and usually can find a reason to hate a song if I hear it too many times.  But there is one artist on that ipod that I hold dear to my heart.  A man that has gotten me harassed on numerous occasions, mostly in college, when I would hang his beautiful poster on my wall and bla…

Have you ever cleaned neon yellow dog poop off your foot at midnight?

Yesterday I broke my one personal parenting rule.  To not buy my children toys which contain more then several pieces.  My theory is that however old the child is, that is how many parts the toy should have.  For example, Noah is 4 so therefore can have a toy with 4 pieces.  Whereas Bella is 1 so she can only have things that are 1 piece in it's entirety.  I keep this practice because I, for one, hate picking up millions of tiny parts to a toy/game and then trying to make sure that they all miraculously stay together so that the toy is not deemed useless and missing half of it's parts, and two, because the dog can eat plastic like nobodies business and I value midnight walks to the bathroom without grave injuries from stepping on matchbox paraphernalia and multicolored dog shit.

Now I do occasionally feel like my kids are lacking in the toy department when I go to other people's houses and there is a virtual Toys R' Us in the living room/basement/bedroom.  My kids go …

Yard sales and property lines.

It's funny how the busier things get the less I have to say.  This weekend has been active.  Starting Friday with a visit from Jen and her two kiddos, Carina and William, where we basically came to the conclusion that one child was way easier then two, and that a 6 month old babies needs pale in comparison to a 4 year old child's.  You might think it is the opposite, but that would just make you a person who has not raised a 4 year old and a 6 month old.  The 4 year old can whine and disobey and NOT be cute AT ALL while doing the whining and disobeying.  A 6 month old is like a warm, cuddly ball of sweetness that goes wherever you put them and doesn't talk back.  Ohhh but someday...someday we will sit around and talk about how fun it all was...won't we?  That's what I have been led to believe.

Friday, after Jen and the kids left, my mother came up for a little slumber party/early morning yard sale adventure.  We had a nice dinner, a few dozen wines and awoke very e…

Our shit doesn't stink. So call me back!

I think something has possessed my dear, sweet, wonderful daughter.  It started about a week ago.  She is incessantly whining and her favorite thing to say is MO!  Her version of NO.
Bella, lets get your shoes on. MO!
Bella, time for a tubby.  MO!
Bella, let's go pick up Noah from school.  MO!
Bella, can Mom have a hug? MO!
Then the whining ensues.  I swear that I am going deaf from the whining.  I went into the garage last night after dinner and found my husbands earplugs that he uses when he runs the chainsaw.  I wore them while I cleaned up from dinner and did tubs.  Oh yes I did, and believe me those kids were better for it.  I just could not listen to it for another second.  Even as I sit here she is laying next to me...WHINING.  No amount of coddling or consoling helps, because as soon as you fix the issue at hand another one quickly takes it's place and you are back at square one.  I AM AT A LOSS.  Tylenol for dessert tonight.  Oh crap, I just remembered she is enterin…

Keeping it together in the crosswalk.

Well Friday night was our "no kids" anniversary celebration.  It was lovely.  While Dov drove the kids to my parents I removed the 10 billion toys from the tub and took a nice long bath.  God how I love baths.  I had almost forgotten how much I loved them since I barely have time to take a shower most mornings.  After my leisurely soak I took my damn time getting dressed and putting on makeup.  I did my makeup so good that in the one picture I took, it appears that I was able to completely obliterate my nose. 
So that is interesting right?  Not often you get to see yourself without a nose.  The great part is that at the time of the picture I had drunk just enough wine to not really know WHY the picture looked funny.  I just knew something was off.  It took a little TOO long to figure out that my honker was missing.
So dinner was great...blah blah blah.  Today the kids are home so we headed over to the Pumpkin Festival in nearby Milford NH.  Noah got to see a 1,300 lb pumpki…

Getting old is fun! Hahahah NOT.

Now, a little about my past.  I suffered from childhood hypochondria.  If I heard that someone was sick in my house I needed to know all the details.  Was it a cold?  Sinus related?  Flu-like symptoms?  Most importantly, was there vomiting involved?  If the answer was yes then you could find me in my room till three days after the last symptom had passed.  So lets get this straight...I can definitely convince myself I have contracted horrible things if left to my own devices, which leads me to the following.  I have had this weird sore throat since I was about 4 months pregnant with Isabella.  It was like a soreness on one side of my lower throat that only hurt when I swallow solid food.  At first I attributed it to Noah being in a germ infested pre-school that obviously housed a 365-day sore throat virus.  It would come and go, sometimes it would last a couple days and sometimes a week.  I would forget about it and then it would come back.

I have always had heart burn even when I wa…

Five years ago I married my best friend.

Now you will feel no rain
For each of you will be shelter to the other.
Now each of you will feel no cold
For each of you will be warmth to the other.
Now there is no loneliness for you
For each of you will be companion to the other.
Now you are two persons
But there is one life before you.
Go now to your dwelling place to enter into the days of your togetherness
And may your days be good and long upon the earth. ~Apache Wedding Blessing
Five years ago, I married my best friend.

 Waiting...  The boys. The girls 

Dov's mother Constance and my brother Steven.  My brother Steven and my mother.