Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yard sales and property lines.

Bella in POP art!

It's funny how the busier things get the less I have to say.  This weekend has been active.  Starting Friday with a visit from Jen and her two kiddos, Carina and William, where we basically came to the conclusion that one child was way easier then two, and that a 6 month old babies needs pale in comparison to a 4 year old child's.  You might think it is the opposite, but that would just make you a person who has not raised a 4 year old and a 6 month old.  The 4 year old can whine and disobey and NOT be cute AT ALL while doing the whining and disobeying.  A 6 month old is like a warm, cuddly ball of sweetness that goes wherever you put them and doesn't talk back.  Ohhh but someday...someday we will sit around and talk about how fun it all was...won't we?  That's what I have been led to believe.

Friday, after Jen and the kids left, my mother came up for a little slumber party/early morning yard sale adventure.  We had a nice dinner, a few dozen wines and awoke very early to start the day (sans children...thanks Dov).  We had a slow start but a strong finish.  A few of my treasures from the day included: A tire swing horse that I scored for 20 bucks, normally $100.00 at Tractor Supply, a book for a quarter, and a sweet floor lamp for my reading nook...where I am reading my book that I scored for a quarter.  It was a good day.  Not to mention the phenomenal reuben sandwich and cute little gift shop we managed to find in my pigeon fart of a town.  Not to shabby.  I scored a goat milk skin cream and a bar of soap that is made by a woman who lives right down the street.  Buy local baby!
My $2.00 floor lamp.  How cozy is that?

Today was a little more laid back.  Hubby and I, I am ashamed to admit, have never tried Indian food.  So today we broke out of our norm and gave it a whirl.  Lets just say it was "different" and I wish we had Thai instead.  Anything that needs THAT much seasoning could quite possibly be rotten and you would never know the difference. Oh, and cottage cheese melted down with chickpeas...gag me with it.  HOLY CUMIN and CURRY!  After our powerful lunch we headed home to argue with our never before seen neighbor about if he should be able to drive his pickup truck loaded with wood over our lawn.  THAT is a story for another blog.  Pumpkin carving and pumpkin seeds rounded out our Sunday and I am totally exhausted.  Hope you all had a great one!

Happy Halloween from 326 Captain Clark baby!

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