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Things kids say...and do.

I am entitling this post "The things kids say...and do" simply because today was a real winner.  I decided fairly early in the morning that I wanted to venture out of our cave and enjoy some human interaction (i.e. shopping).  Lets not get things twisted, I knew it would blow but I just could not stay put for another second.

To kick the day off my son went up to get dressed.  About four hours later he appears in front of me wearing what I presume to be his coming home from the hospital outfit.  I swear the kid was wearing a size 3 months...not actually but at least a 24 month and he is in a 4-5T.  This is what I like to call a "motherhood failure".  He is in these clothes because of my shitty mothering.  I F-ing hate to clean out their drawers and closets.  It is AWFUL.  First off,  you are throwing clothes that you bought two months ago into garbage bags and lastly because who wants to get rid of the cute little things they wore when they were cuddly babies?


The story of a man urinating out his window onto my grill while I watched.

A while back I had mentioned that while I was living in "dirty, dirty Marlborough" as Dad so fondly called it, a neighbors son had relieved himself from his bedroom window onto my grill.  I know this because I stood there and watched him do it.  Me.  The one who has no issue with confrontation, hand to hand combat, or telling somebody where to stick it.  Boy am I glad that I just smiled and watched him give it the triple shake at the end because here he is now...2 held without bail after Marlborough raid yields guns, drugs.

Now I hope you clicked that link because if you did there is a photo of the lovely young man.  The one with the braids was the urinator.  Just to think I shared a wall with him.  Rested my weary head after long days of work and listened to him BLAST his turn table until wee morning hours.  Never once did I call the police or even give a dirty look at the mailbox.  Boy am I glad now.  I could of ended up on the evening news.  Dead in my slummy apartment.…