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The exhaustive exercise of Christmas shopping.

Every year is the same.  I know Christmas is coming.  Since October 1st there have been Holiday decorations up at Target...and not Halloween ones, frigging Christmas ones!  So I have been walking around my favorite store in the world with huge blinders on.  It is one of the most exhaustive exercises,  spending money that YOU DO NOT HAVE on CRAP PEOPLE REALLY DON'T WANT just because it's Christmas!!  I mean there have been a handful of Christmas's that I have gotten something I could not live without...this year will be one of them.  Tires.  Yes you heard correct, I am getting tires from my husband.  And truthfully, what is more meaningful then your spouse not wanting you to careen off the road with both the kids in the car during a blizzard?  I think you'd be hard pressed to find anything as heartfelt as that.  Would I love some new bling on my fingers? Sure, but what would happen is about two hours after the exhilaration had worn off I would feel guilt.  Guilt that w…

Thanksgiving (low key style)

Thanksgiving is pretty much the same for everybody I know.  You either are the host or the guest.  It typically involves a table set for 8 or more adults and 4 or more children.  Lots of pre-day planning, meal prep, side dish options, appetizers galore, enough booze to sink a ship, and LOTS AND LOTS of money spent.  Not this year.  This time I am keeping it simple.  We won't be packing the kids for a hour and a half ride nor will I be panicking for a week prior about who likes what and who will sit where.  We are staying home.  Maybe that sounds boring to some but to the mother of two young children who likes to get her drink on after turkey, it works out just fine.  No driving, no stressing, no sweating over if there is enough gravy to go around.

To top off the unconventional holiday plan we are having lamb instead of turkey...OK I bought a small turkey breast, mostly for the smell not the taste, since turkey tastes to me like dried out chicken.  I made one simple pie that MY fa…


So as for the break the blog has been taking...I just have not been inspired.  By anything.  The kids aren't being cute, the dog is still an asshole, and Dov has been working an insane amount of hours and I am here alone with the kids for days at a time.  All this leads to me being, for lack of better terms, burnt the hell out!  That, and for some absurd reason my internal clock has set itself to wake up at 4:30 am EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I then lie in bed and have severe anxiety over how F-ING tired I am going to be come 7 o' clock the next evening when the kids are whining and needing tubs and jammies and stories and constant attention!  The constant attention would be for Bella.  That precious angel has become ungodly whiny and clingy and it IS NOT HER TEETH.  If one more person says " Oh, she must be cutting some teeth." I will freak out.  She is not getting any teeth...she just loves to be held...ALL THE TIME.  It does not matter if I am cooking, vacuuming or drivin…

Nap time.

The blog is taking a nap.

A November 5th Halloween

Wilton, with all the storm damage and lack of electricity, delayed the Halloween festivities till last night.  I wasn't quiet sure how it would be or if any one would actually do it, since once October is over it really does not feel like Halloween.  A trip to the local Walmart convinced me it was over with all the costumes and candy heaped up in the front of the store marked for clearance.  We took our chances that the good folks of downtown Wilton wouldn't let us down.  And they didn't.  Last night was great.  Granted there was no haunted house at the Fire department but the kids had a blast.  We met up with our friends down the street and took the gaggle off to get their trick or treat on!

When we got there it was hard to keep track of where the kids were in the dark with so many other people around but I really wanted to get a few shots of the kids ACTUALLY trick or treating so I asked my husband if he wouldn't mind taking some pics with his iPhone.  He looks at m…

Shopping at the "junk" store

OK, so it is no shocker that I shop at thrift stores, the Dollar Tree, or any other store where there is the slightest chance I could score a bargain, although the Dollar Tree is mostly full of crap that falls apart and should only really cost 50 cents.  It started with my mother and slowly trickled down to me.  When I was younger I loathed going to "the Army" with Mom.  I wanted to shop at 5-7-9 and all the other Mall stores that the richer Hopkinton crowd was hitting up, but Mom was raised on thrift and come hell or high water, I would be too.  So for many years school shopping consisted of a few select "new" items and a slew of second hand steals.  I dreamed of the day that I would get my own job and buy all the brand new clothes that I wanted so badly.  Fast forward to age 16.  I am working at Golden Pond as a waitress for the elderly, raking in my 6 dollars an hour and quickly realizing that I can get more of a bang from my very few bucks at the Salvation Arm…

Power outages are not for pussies.

Thank God for iPhone.  That is all I will say.  It became the only latch I had on the outside world after Saturday nights snow storm that dropped 18 inches in my yard.  We lost power at 7:30pm on Saturday evening and got it back at around 8:30 last night.  Nothing near the eleven electricity free days that I had been warned that the ice storm of 2008 created here in NH but still enough to make me smell like a monkey's ass and want to do sexual favors for PSNH line men.

Now here is the situation.  I have a well.  No town water or sewer for me.  We have broached this topic once before here.  This means that not only do your lights go out, your heat ceases to work, and you have no water. No water for showers, or dishes, or brushing your teeth or FLUSHING YOUR TOILET.  The toilet really does not concern you the first day without power but around the third day you were hard pressed to get me into that bathroom.  Yeah...that bad.

Now for all you survivalist that are about to tell me, Y…