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Time to go play in traffic.

I have stumbled upon something great on Stumbleupon.  This amazing thing called stereomood.  You can pick a mood out of their list and then it plays a very eclectic mix of music to suit how your feeling.  Yes the music is not radio top 40 but it is awesomely good.  I love it.  Here listen.  Although the other morning I put on one station that played Mexican mariachi music...not my cup of tea so I vacumed to it.  That worked out great.  See!  Making the best of the worst of it people.

I am starting to question even more why I have a dog.  I tried to take him on a quick errand yesterday, with the kids, to the garden center at the end of my street.  DISASTER.  I left the driver side window down about 6 inches and walked about 10 feet away.  The damn dog literally tried to squeeze his entire body through the window.  Panting, yelping, acting like a complete tool.  I really wanted to open the door and let him run into traffic but I was already severely embarrassed that everyone in the gar…

Goodbye toddler bed, goodbye rear facing car seat.

This weekend we got rid of Noah's toddler bed.  The little blue race car bed from Little Tike's that he has been sleeping in since a little before his second birthday.  He was totally pumped and I was totally ambivalent.  I could have cared less if he slept in that race car bed till he was 20 years old.  We also sold Bella's infant car seat.  It was a weekend of letting go.  I know that we are moving on and out of the baby stage and it feels good...but in a bittersweet kind of way.

I love not having to pack a diaper bag for trips to the grocery store.

I love not waking up 3 to 6 times a night

I love that I don't have to spend 60+ dollars a month on formula.

I love that I do not have to lug a 50 pound car seat around EVERY PLACE I GO. ( I swear I have a hunch back from that damn thing.)

I love not burping a baby.  Seriously that was the friggin worst.  2:00 am.  Dead silence, pitch black and baby just finished a feeding.  You have been patting the babes back for the be…

The rooster found his way to the man cave.

So as I sit here sipping some yummy Red Velvet Cupcake wine (thanks Amy), watching Dov hang a ceiling fan over the wood stove, I decided to blog.  Probably not the wisest idea since wine and blogging seldom mix.  Anything written after two glasses must remain in draft form till sobriety has come round'. 

But something funny happened.  Well...funny if you are a redneck wood dweller like myself.

Tonight, when the kids were still awake and Dov had just started this little ceiling fan project, there were lots of trips to the garage to gather supplies for this obviously laboursome task.  Around the hundredth trip Dov calls for me.  I walk out to the garage (which is attached to the kitchen) and he is standing at his work bench.  "Do you hear that?"  "Um, no." "I have been out here a couple of times and I keep hearing something..." he says.  I look up to find...

Our rooster.  Obviously the hens have had enough of his shit.  He was huddled up in man town w…

Baby steps

Not sure if you remember but 7 and a half months ago I wrote this post.  As a synopsis...I am a lame person that would rather duck and run then speak to the mother of a child that goes to school with my son and lives next door.  Yes.  I am awesome. 

In that post I mentioned that I would try to work on my communication skills and maybe speak to this woman.  Well ladies and gentlemen I have done it.  I am going to her house today at 1 with Noah and Bella.  GO ME!  Only took 7 months.  Not so bad right?  Hahahaha.  The best part...I made her come to me.  Oh and it was SUPER AWKWARD.  Want to know why??  Because I am socially misguided.  Here is the tale.

My son goes to a integrated pre-school.  There are children with all sorts of different special needs.  Some speech delays, some physical delays and some typical kiddos.  I love this program.  There are triple the amount of teachers and half the number of kids.  Noah gets the benefits of occupational therapist, speech therapist, and ph…

Said it once say it a thousand times

For anyone that reads this blog it is no secret that my daughters pregnancy was rough to say the least.  You can read it HERE if you have not already.  In my most scared, terrified moments I would go to one of the last places I ever thought I would go, Babycenter.  Why would I not want to visit a website solely dedicated to pregnancy and children?  Because it would remind me of how abnormal my pregnancy was every time I would log in and see another stupid update in my birth month club about whether to name the baby Bethany or Jasmine, or if the slice of deli meat they ate that day was going to do irreparable harm to their unborn child.  All of these women were so excited and thinking about all the fun, carefree stuff that you should be thinking about during your second trimester and I was waiting on CVS results and fetal echos, micro arrays, and level II ultrasounds.  I just wanted to scream and smash my computer when someone would complain that they wanted a boy and they just found …

I love you a bushel and a peck.

A day spent at the orchard with the kids is a day well spent.  Until you get in the car to leave and your daughter, who decided to taste test every apple we picked, hurls all over herself and the entire back seat of the truck.  Other then the vomit it was a great day.  The weather was nice and cool and we got to take a hayride on the back of my husbands dream machine, a John Deere tractor.  My cousin Jen and her two kiddos Carina and William came along too.  Here we are riding over to the orchard.

I was smart this time around and brought the kids wagon.  Last year we ended up with a disaster on our hands when Noah decided 4 minutes into apple picking that he was "tired" and wanted to ride in the umbrella stroller that we had brought to push Bell around in.  So me and hubs had to switch off carrying Bella and pushing a umbrella stroller with a cranky 3 year old through a bumpy field...not easy.  This year the wagon came and it worked like a charm.  Bell pretty much remained …

Unsolicited reminising

On several occasions in my life, OK often, people have told me that I take things "the wrong way".  That I "read into things too much".  This could very well be a glaring example of that or it could clearly illustrate my sentiments about know it all WAY better then you Moms.

Yesterday I stopped into Michaels craft store with my daughter while Noah was at school.  We browsed around for the better part of an hour and all the while my daughter, who is 18 months old, asked "whatha" "what's that" about every single object we passed.  By the time I got to the counter her continuous onslaughts of "whatha" had faded into the background of my head while I loaded up the counter with my goods.  The cashier starts smiling with that goofy "I would do it better then you" grin.  As I finished putting my stuff on the counter while constantly wrestling impulse items out of my daughters chubby little fingers the cashier looks at me and sa…

What a difference a year makes

Fall is almost here and it is by far my favorite season.  One, because it marks me and hubs anniversary, five years baby, and two because I like apple picking, pumpkin carving, and not hearing about how YOU are on vacation.  If I don't have a elaborate trip to a fancy beach house planned then I certainly do not want to hear about how you do.  K.  Good.

It was exactly a year ago this week that we closed on our house.  It is amazing how much can happen in just one year.  I look back at pictures of when we were moving in and Isabella was still a stationary baby.  You know the stage where you can put them down in one spot and when you return they are still there.  It is the best baby stage, well, when compared to the next one where they are guaranteed to break, spill, or hurt themselves if left unattended for more then 1 minute.

In our first year of home ownership we have learned a great deal about snow removal, heating costs, wet basements, furnace maintenance, rodent control, and l…

Weekend wrap up

This weekend we planned on installing our new chimney and hearth.  Thank the heavens above that Dov's brother Otom was able to come and help because jeezuz this took F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  I imagine that with only one person doing the installation it might never reach completion.  It also doesn't help that they shipped us the entire stainless chimney but managed to leave out 2 of the most crucial pieces.  Good thing we are master improvisers!   Friday night we sanded and painted the wood stove.  This is the same wood stove that was in the house I grew up in.  Since the paint is highly toxic we had to burn off the fumes outdoors so we had a fabulous wood stove campfire on Saturday night after the boys had wrapped up for the day.  Check us out. The only thing remotely classy about this photograph is the Natty Light.  From the wood horses, to the Simplicity lawn mower this picture screams WE HAVE TONS OF MONEY!  Right?  Moving on.  Well it is slightly amazing that exactly one week fro…

Mad Men Obsession

I have become addicted to something other then red wine.  Mad Men.  That show about the 1960's ad agency.  Yes I am aware that it has been on for years already but I have been too busy getting knocked up and raising kids to REALLY get into a series.  Well besides Dexter.  I can't stop watching them!  So I guess it is good that there are like 400 episodes to catch up on.  It is like having all the work place drama without actually having to go to work.  SUPER.  The rain has also instigated the problem so hopefully when the sun comes out of hiding I will be able to cut down to only 5 episodes a night and not be a walking dead person in the morning.

In other news Noah has gone back to preschool.  This will make his third year attending preschool.  Poor kid thinks he will never get to go to big boy school.  This has freed up some time for what else, MAD MEN!  Yes I am obsessed.  Noah loves to go to school and I love to see him go.  I have a hard time relating to the Mom's tha…


Couple of random thoughts

*Craigslist is full of people that should be shot at point blank range.  If you say you are coming to pick something up that is going to require the help of 3 men and also re -arrangement of the entire basement and then you fail to show up and call three hours after you were supposed to arrive and say, "ummm can I come tomorrow?"  I have the right to kick you in the privates when you get here.  Not to mention that we RUSHED back from Massachusetts to be here you jack ass.

*For some reason lately I take EVERYTHING EXTREMELY PERSONAL.  I don't know why but I have always been a little this way but now it seems that I am  A LOT this way.  I go home and stew on things for weeks and get angrier and angrier...sounds healthy right?

*My kids make me nuts and I dream of going back to work on a CONSTANT basis.  I swear Suzy homemaker is needing a serious overhaul.

*My washing machine smells horrible.  What the hell should I do?  Bleach and vinegar are not…

VLOG time baby!

This is my first and probably last VLOG...I just didn't think I could fully express how CRAZY this book was unless I personally read it to you.  Enjoy.  The video below is a wonderful tale of how parents really feel.  Not crazy at all.  That story you will enjoy much more I promise.  Unless you are a friggin creepster that crawls into your married sons window at night and rocks him like a baby.  LUNATIC. 

Hi! Is this Poison Control?

We just officially finished our poison watch for this evening.  My daughter thinks that she needs to take years off my life by eating any and all berries that grow in the yard.  Tonight it was Lily of the Valley, an extremely toxic berry that basically slows down your respiratory system within a hour after ingestion and leads to certain death.  I don't know how to get her to understand that just because daddy walks around picking grapes, blueberries, and raspberries doesn't mean that EVERY berry is edible.  SHE DOESN'T TALK.  And like all children, even if she did talk she wouldn't listen so I am resigned to helicoptering over her at all times...which sucks.  Tonight she was on daddies watch when she decided to have a poisoness appetizer...there I said was HIS FAULT.  Well not really...sister is mad quick with her naughtiness.
This little girl is nuts though.  She will eat ANYTHING.  I thought that Noah was a good eater but she can eat him under the table.  B…