Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mad Men Obsession

I have become addicted to something other then red wine.  Mad Men.  That show about the 1960's ad agency.  Yes I am aware that it has been on for years already but I have been too busy getting knocked up and raising kids to REALLY get into a series.  Well besides Dexter.  I can't stop watching them!  So I guess it is good that there are like 400 episodes to catch up on.  It is like having all the work place drama without actually having to go to work.  SUPER.  The rain has also instigated the problem so hopefully when the sun comes out of hiding I will be able to cut down to only 5 episodes a night and not be a walking dead person in the morning.

In other news Noah has gone back to preschool.  This will make his third year attending preschool.  Poor kid thinks he will never get to go to big boy school.  This has freed up some time for what else, MAD MEN!  Yes I am obsessed.  Noah loves to go to school and I love to see him go.  I have a hard time relating to the Mom's that hem and haw about how they cried for a month blah blah.  I can honestly say that by the time Noah started his first preschool program in Virginia at 2 years old that it was a life saver...for him.  Not even a couple of weeks after we moved down there I called Dov at work to tell him that if I didn't get away from this child for a few hours a week that it was going to get ugly.  So 1 day and 2 tours later Noah was enrolled at Montessori.  It was the best thing that ever happened to him or me.  He learned to talk and I learned how to not fantasize about wringing his neck every five minutes.  Win win if you ask me.  All kidding aside it has been a great experience.  I think it is good for kids to get out and socialize with peers and make monstrous art that I have to hang all over the refrigerator.
Noah heading off to Montessori in Va.  2 years old.

Heading to Florence Rideout Preschool.  Age 4 years
So here's to another school year!  Here's to runny noses, coughs, temperatures, strep throat, and maybe even the flu.  Oh and possibly some more gorgeous art work.  Now for some Mad Men.

Baby sister is thoroughly enjoying not having to share ANYTHING!  But she ain't taking any chances!

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