Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pink Flamingos with umbrella cocktails? I'm getting one.

Today marks the fifth straight day of rain.  I dropped Noah off at school and headed to Savers in Nashua.  If  you don't know what Savers is let me enlighten you.  It is like a Salvation Army/Goodwill that is a little cleaner, more organized, and has enough shopping carts.  Anyone that has shopped at a Salvation Army knows that you have to damn near claw somebodies eyes out to get a carriage.  Even then it is some Market Basket cast off with one wheel that doesn't touch the ground and another that makes a high pitch squealing noise.  This is great when you are a kid though because no matter where your mother tries to hide you will find her.
I know a lot of people would not be caught dead at a second hand store but I was raised on second hand stuff, be it from the Salvation Army or the cousins.  So this morning, in light of absolute boredom, I decided to make a trip and see what Savers had in store.  Honest to God the first thing I saw was this.
Of course I had to get it for $2.00.  As mom would say, "it was god's will!"  Bella seems to like it too.

Another favorite cheap spot as I have mentioned several times is the Dollar Store.  My most recent additions are shown here.
I am sorry but how can you not love these guys.  When I told my husband about my latest dollar score he just shook his head.  Hey, what can I say?  I am pretty easy to please.  No!!!  Don't get me anything from Tiffany's just give me a couple of bucks and a hour.  I will find you a treasure to behold.

They are gracing our headstone.  What could make a happier grave sight then two pink flamingos drinking fruity cocktails with umbrellas?  Ummmmm I can't think of anything.  So they are staying.  I don't care what Dov thinks.  Yeah I am going crazy and he has no one to blame but himself...leaving me here all day with two kids.  Just kidding.  I was crazy before the kids.  I like to think of those Flamingos as Dov and me.  Oh and notice my pinwheel.  Yes another score from the Tree, my nickname for the Dollar Tree (thats how tight we are).

This one solved the whole squirrel problem.  Nipped those squirrels right in the butt!  Anyway Hummingbirds are way better then regular birds.  Oh and guess what???  They have feet!  I know there has been some controversy about that at one time (maybe after a few drinkies) but it is all cleared up now...I have picture proof.  Look at those cute little feet.   This is one dollar store purchase that brings me some good entertainment as those mosquito birds fight over one drinking hole while there are clearly 3 more.  Can't blame them though.  Look at how small those birds are.  Obviously their brains are not that big.  Pretty cute though.
The kids are down for a nap.  AT THE SAME TIME NO LESS! So I should go make productive use of this time and watch some Judge Mathis.  Tell me...Do you shop at thrift stores or discount stores?  Ever score a sweet item that is all the sweeter because of the price tag? 


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