Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I like to buy stupid crap but it makes me happy!

Holy yard work!  Since we just had the first REAL spring weekend of the season we did what any other northeasterner did those two little glorious days...mulched, planted, raked, thatched, and talked about cleaning chicken shit out of the coop attached to our barn, ya know for when we finally get the chickens instead of just talk about them.  See how we just talked about cleaning it...I think subconsciously I am faltering on the chicken situation because I can't imagine taking care of another living creature, especially one that could be attacked and killed in my back yard while I sleep.  I have the fear of a chicken massacre for two reasons, one being that we did have chicken massacres when I was a kid living on a backyard farm and two, the man we bought the house from had ALL of his chickens killed by a minx.  Anyways that is a mess that I really don't want to wake up to, especially since the kids make plenty of their own that I have to contend with.

This is the chicken coop for our imaginary chickens.  The ton of shit that is in it,  well that is for our imaginary garden.  We will get to it eventually but we have one heck of a big yard to deal with here!
We actually have TWO chicken coops on our property and a third out building that I have no idea what to do with yet.  Ideas?
 I have also come to the conclusion that I like to buy useless crap at stores like the Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar.  Almost everything that you buy there is plain old shit no matter how you try to shine it.  Deodorant that doesn't twist up and you have to dig out with the cap, check.  Frames that don't stand up, check.  Candles that have virtually no odor, check.  Trash bags that rip EVERY SINGLE TIME they contain more then four items, check.  I am ashamed to say that I have purchased all of these things and still manage to find myself in one of these stores at least once a week...sadly sometimes more then that.  I am wise enough to know that the only reason I go to these stores is for that little thrill you get coming home and unpacking all your treasures that are surely going to end up in the trash by the end of the week (how American of me) but I can not resist going there.  This past weeks little gems were some fantastic solar lights that as of last night were still in working order, and a multicolored pin wheel that is spinning away as we speak.  All this cheap crap serves one purpose and one purpose only, it makes ME happy and when it is time to throw it away that is fine because hey...it only cost me a dollar.

Another thing I have been thinking about is kids memories.  I mean what is the first memory that you have as a child?  I think some of mine are as early as 4 but I can't be sure if it is really my memory of just a memory of a story that has been told by family.  My own children, Noah in particular, surprise me sometimes with stories of things that happened months ago when I can't even get him to remember what he did at school as we drive out of the parking lot.  The other night we are all sitting at the table eating dinner and I look over and see him sticking a french fry in his eye..."what are you doing Noah?"  I ask completely baffled but not surprised.  "I am eating with my eye's like Grammy does"  he states casually.  I nearly fell off my chair laughing, I mean him and my mom were watching cooking shows together this past summer when she told him about this eating with your eyes business and it comes up now.  This kid can't tell me where his shoes are 5 minutes after taking them off so it is a little crazy.

He sure is cute!  Oh and still holding on to the vacuum attachment.  I am done buying toys to say the least...unless they are from the dollar store that is!

Well I have a bird feeder from the dollar store that I need to fill with seed...but before that I need to fix it because by the time I got it home it was broken...figures.

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