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My experience with prenatal testing.

One of my first posts was my baby girls birth story.  In all honesty I think the reason I started the blog was to get my story out there.  By out there I mean taking all the emotions I had tied up in the experience and spilling them into the interweb hoping to find companions in the misery I experienced for almost 7 and a half months.  To help me justify my feelings.  Even the ones that crop up to this day.

Up till that point in my life I had never really dealt with something as hard and confusing as Isabella's prenatal testing ordeal.  With my first pregnancy I signed up for the nuchal translucency test not because I was concerned about my babies chromosome count, it was simply because the test included a ultrasound.  Any chance to see the blob with a flickering white shadow again was a chance to be taken.  I honestly did not even know what they were looking at in the NT ultrasound with Noah nor did I care.  The ultrasound at 13 weeks was a whole baby!  Complete with arms and fi…