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It's that special time of year.

It is the month of October so that means two things, one, it is breast cancer awareness month and two, it is time to pump the septic system.  I know that I have mentioned this before here, but it is worth mentioning again since it causes me great distress each time.  There is just something about a big giant truck with the word SEPTIC painted across the side, sitting in your driveway with a huge hose pulled out across your lawn humming loudly while your crap gets pumped out of a buried concrete box.
I get the privilege of greeting this man once a year in October.  It is such a special time.  This year he came while the kids and I were outside playing.  I was just waiting for Noah to ask him what he was doing..."ohhhhh I am just here to suck all the poo out of your crap tank!"  Thankfully Noah spared me this one time.  I don't think there was any question what the man was doing in the side yard once the smell started to permeate.  Then you have to smile and wave as he ge…

You better get some gloves on.

A list of events from the previous week that have taken a year off my life. The weekend of October 6th, Dov and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary.  It was wonderful.  We were able to convince the grandparents that they should spend some quality time with the kids (overnight), and also got my parents to watch the dog so we could have a solid evening and morning without kids or animals.  The trouble started when we got home.  Tahoe, the dog, starts this strange wheezing, shallow breathing, hacking up mucus thing.  He seemed in enough distress that I believed for a few hours that this might be the end.  He kind of snaped out of it by bedtime so we chalked it up to anxiety from the weekend away etc. (he is a huge pussy).  By the morning though things were right back to bad.  Of course Dov is now at work and I have the kids, one of which I have to drive back and forth to the elementary school about a dozen times a day.  The vet makes me a appointment for 3:30 and tells me to keep…