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Quitting for me.

Lets see.  How did I start smoking...I remember clear as day.  All throughout high school you could not have met a bigger anti-smoking advocate.  If I found a friend smoking the ration of shit that followed would scare them into the closet, and then their car would forever smell of Yankee candle car spray and stale nicotine.  Or they would just deal with the annoying barrage of insults thrown their way about the smell, the cancer, the yellow teeth etc.  I was the girl who cried, "I grew up with a smoker and it is disgusting and nasty and blah blah blah."

Fast forward to a breakup, graduating high school, and the impending move away from family and friends for college.  Those were the ingredients I needed to make my excuse that I wanted, slash that, NEEDED a cigarette.  The first pack of "butts" were amazing.  It was like a legal buzz.  The light headed feeling, the low hum in your ears, the impending lack of appetite, it was everything I wanted at the time.  Lots …

People throw rocks at things that shine.

I ventured out to do a few last minute Christmas shopping errands today and realized in short order that staying away from the holiday craziness would be better.  So back home I went to deck the house out with flamboyant Christmas decor.  I swagged, bowed, collected, twisted, cut, twirled and hunted birch bark...with a little help from Mr. Noah.  Yes I have that kind of time people.  Time spent doing crafts for our home with my kids is time NOT wasted.  They love the little jobs as much as I love looking at our finished products.  Noah collects pine cones and searches for the BESTEST birch limb and I cut evergreens and twist is good people...real good.

We also have decided to reclaim our downstairs.  ALL THE TOYS HAVE BEEN BANISHED TO THE SPARE BEDROOM.  Does that mean that they play up there?  No.  What it actually means is that I spend lots of time lugging toys back upstairs after they are done playing with it down here.  I knew that it would happen but it is still better…

This is madness. Complete madness.

So to get in line with the whole holiday cheer movement I have decided to make the best of this monstrous head cold.  Here is one MAJOR bonus of having so much mucus in your sinuses that it feels like your cranium is filled with cement.  Your daughter can take a dump at probably 7 am and you won't smell it.  Nope, not till you see it oozing out the side around 9 am.  That is when you will have had a motherhood fail.  Not that she minds, she will fight you tooth and nail to stay in that shitty rag.  I mean really!?  Your butt is being eaten away by poo and you want to scream and cry and wriggle around getting shiat everywhere in the process just because I am trying to clean you up!  No good deed goes unpunished right?  Screw you little lady.  Well not really screw her but ya...screw her.  Well that wasn't as cheery as I had hoped but it is the bright side of being sick right?

Okay so there is the head cold and then the fact that I sheered almost my entire pad of my …