Saturday, December 17, 2011

People throw rocks at things that shine.

I ventured out to do a few last minute Christmas shopping errands today and realized in short order that staying away from the holiday craziness would be better.  So back home I went to deck the house out with flamboyant Christmas decor.  I swagged, bowed, collected, twisted, cut, twirled and hunted birch bark...with a little help from Mr. Noah.  Yes I have that kind of time people.  Time spent doing crafts for our home with my kids is time NOT wasted.  They love the little jobs as much as I love looking at our finished products.  Noah collects pine cones and searches for the BESTEST birch limb and I cut evergreens and twist is good people...real good.

We also have decided to reclaim our downstairs.  ALL THE TOYS HAVE BEEN BANISHED TO THE SPARE BEDROOM.  Does that mean that they play up there?  No.  What it actually means is that I spend lots of time lugging toys back upstairs after they are done playing with it down here.  I knew that it would happen but it is still better then looking at millions of broken Happy Meal toys and vacuuming up tons of plastic that the dog chews up.  So now any overnight guests get a free stay at the playroom suite.  Fully equipped with a queen sized bed, reading light, train table, playhouse, plastic kitchen set, and hobby horse.  Sounds cozy right!
Well here is a rundown of the latest projects around Jaffe household.  

This was a ugly potted dying plant.  Now it is my tribute to the beautiful state my daughter was born in.  And it smells good to boot!
We like sticks in this house.  Stick runner, stick centerpiece in a vase filled with Noah's hand picked pine cones.  He said he only picked "THE BEST!"
Door swag.  Simple, pretty and 25 dollars at the end of the street.  FREE and took 4 minutes.
Now this I stole from Pintrest and put my own spin on it.  This is our wedding invitation cut into strips, twisted around and a pencil and put into a vase.  If you turn the vase around you can read the important parts of the invite.  I just thought it was such a cute way to display such a important day.  When I get around to Micheals I will be putting it in a clear ornament with a little glitter...SO pretty.  For now it's a vase.
This here is one of those t-shirt scarves that are all over Pintrest.  Since my husband HATES to part with anything I am only able to get my hands on REALLY ugly t-shirts.  This might work for a Red sox game??
My little crafty helpers!

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