Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tiger Mom ~vs~ Fox Mom

Sometimes I complain that pre-school is only 3 hours long and that I can't REALLY get anything accomplished in that short amount of time.  Well all it takes is school vacation to show me how worth it those 3 hours are.  Not that I don't enjoy long morning hours of screaming, running, jumping, and typical three year old shenanigans but cripes I was ready to strangle that little monster this week on more then one occasion.  He does have a way though, of making you forget what a terror he is being when he stops to say that he loves you as high as the moon and falls to the floor in fits of convulsive laughter when you respond that you love him as far as Uranus.  Definitely my kid...who doesn't love a good Uranus joke anyways?

Poor Noah though does take the brunt of the punishment around here him being the oldest and a insanely hyper 3 year old.  His sister, 13 months,  is a leg clinger and constant whiner when she is not getting her way.  When it comes to her whining I have like a zero tolerance.  Noah on the other hand LOVES to hear her whine.  This I know is a fact because he has made it his life's mission to get her to whine and cry constantly.  If she picks up a long forgotten toy from a Happy Meal Noah can not rip it from her hands fast enough.  Even if he just holds it and stares blankly into space while she has a full on temper tantrum.  If she decides that she will just move on to another toy he will throw down the one he just stole to grab the next thing she has discovered and we go on and on like this till mom loses her god forsaken mind.

So after the fourth morning I've spent sending kids to time out every 4 minutes I finally REALLY lost my mind and screamed at the top of my lungs that I would simply NOT take another second of this behavior and that I was going to get in the car and let them fight till the death!!  Then I took a deep breath counted to ten and announced that it was nap time, and I did not care that it was only 11 am.  My daughter went down without a problem.  Probably because she had exhausted herself crying and carrying on for the past 3 hours.  Now it was Noah's turn.  I enter his room ready for a battle but I find that he is already in his bed.  I sit down at the edge and apologize for getting so angry this morning and try to explain to him that sometimes grown ups like to have it a little more quiet in the morning.  Noah looks at me all three and innocent and says, "You know mom, sometimes it is really hard to make you happy."  Oh dear lord now I feel like the three year old.  Thank you my wise sage for waking me up.  I will try to work on that.  When I get a moment of silence.

As I typed this I glanced out the slider door and spotted a mother fox and all her babies directly across the street.  I sat and watched her and her little ones for about 15 minutes and you know what?  She was having the same problem as me...none of those little rascals would listen to her!  She kept jogging into the woods and those babies would just keep wrestling in the middle of the street.  *Sigh*  At least I am not alone.

Little girls in nightgowns, ponytails, and shorts melt me.

Little boys faces framed by forsythia and daffodils melt me.  So does his passion for photography.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finally the beginning

Today Dov finally found some of our old pictures from our last laptop.  For people that have moved every year for the past ten years this is HUGE. Within these pictures are shots dating back to our very beginning.  When I got to thinking about it, Dov and I have lived in a lot of places.

Our first apartment was an illegal little studio apartment in the crappiest section of Marlborough.  It was a whopping $425.00 a month so it fit the budget and the real kicker was the rent decreased to $325.00 for the second 6 months if you lasted that long.  I can honestly say that I have some great memories from that apartment.  It is where I met my first real prostitute...running around my hallway screaming for Stony (my chain smoking neighbor with a ZZ top beard) to give her back her *expletive* clothes, and where I learned a whole bunch about being an adult. In the end, the only reason we left after the first year was up was because Dov was not listed on the lease and the landlord wanted to stick it to us.  So off we went to our second shit hole about 2 minutes down the street.

The day I moved in, Dov and Dad.  Notice the slanted ceiling...yeah it was that small. (Broad Street Marlborough Ma.)
This was the other side.  It was like a little doll house, but it was mine all mine.

Yes I even managed to get a Christmas Tree in there! 

This was a step up because we could actually fit a REAL bed into the apartment.  Up to this point we had been sleeping on my childhood day bed...things you will do when your in love huh?  It is here that our lives started to take shape.  We became engaged in this second floor petri dish, planned our wedding, came home after our honeymoon and conceived our first born in that glorified one bedroom apartment.
Our tiny kitchen on Crescent Street in Marlborough.  Many a drunk people have sat in that chair.  We use to fit 5 easy in that kitchen.
 Prime example
 Our bedroom without a door.  Yup basically another studio that could fit a queen sized bed.
We made the best of every situation.  Grillin on the fire escape...hell ya.
We had barely settled into our new "luxury apartment," still in Marlborough by the way, when I found out I was pregnant with Noah.  Had we known before the lease was signed we might have sprung for at least the two bedroom but as it was the rent was 1,300.00 not including utilities.  In this apartment we brought home our baby boy and spent our first year as parents.  I have tons of pictures from this period and I love them all. I can tell how content I was. We had become a little family and I was so happy.  Broke...but happy.  I decided after a short stint back at work that it was not logical to spend my whole paycheck having someone else watch my child.  I will do that myself thank you very much.  This meant less income so it was time to downsize.
Momma and Noah (Stonegate)

Christmas 2007 Stonegate Marlborough Ma.

Our pool at Stonegate (feeling very hoighty toighty with my hat)

This all led to us leaving our brand new apartment and moving into a VERY SMALL house in Hopkinton. The rent was OK and we thought it would be nice to live near family.  The home we rented was a disaster.  Our drunk landlord disappeared to the Caribbean the first winter we were there and ice damns, water damage, and headaches ensued.  When he finally returned from his winter away he decided to burn brush in the woods behind the house and use our hose to put out the forest fire he created.  Needless to say he flooded our basement and then blamed us and would not return our security deposit.  Awesome...yes...moving on.
Noah's first Birthday party on Hayward street in Hopkinton.  Good day.

Noah in the kitchen on Hayward Street in Hopkinton

Chilling in one of our many living rooms.  We recently got rid of those couches and as they left the driveway I was a little sad because of all the history. (Hopkinton)
It turned out that although living near family was nice we were both wondering if maybe we weren't doing ourselves an injustice by not relocating for Dov's company.  I mean his company would basically pay for us to move and the location wasn't that bad either. So on June 30th 2009 we loaded into the car with Noah and our two cats and drove to Staunton Virginia.

The day we moved into our home in Virginia
Dov enjoying our front porch the first week we moved in. (Virginia)

Our pool in Va. (again feeling very posh)

11 months after we moved in.  Isabella 4 months (Virginia)
The town house was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, and I was pregnant again.  This pregnancy turned out to be a emotional, gut wrenching, traumatizing event and being 900 miles away from any support proved to be one of the hardest things I have yet gone through.  Luckily I married a good guy or I don't know how I would of done it.  We lived in Virginia for little over a year and when Dov's project was completed we finally bought our own home here in New Hampshire. Back into the car.   Now up two kids and down two cats for our last and final journey. Wow that is a lot of moving!  A lot of memories.  A lot of good times.  A lot of bad times.  In the end we are exactly where we should be.  Home.
Finally the beginning.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

One might be a lonely number but it sure is easy!

This weekend we were able to have my mother in law watch Noah overnight to give us a little break.  At first I wasn't too excited since we would still have Bell so it wasn't "technically" a kid free night.  I dropped him off Friday and drove the hour back home to New Hampshire with Bell.  WOWZA, had I forgotten how easy it was to just have one kid!!  Dov and I were able to go out to dinner, with Bell, and it was not the horrible, embarrassing, fight producing extravaganza it usually is when we attempt to go out with both kids.  She sat contentedly in the highchair and nibbled on whatever we put in front of her while flirting with the waitstaff.  Now if Noah had been there I know for sure there would have been some climbing under the table, talking at ear piercing decibels, possibly some crying and about four unnecessary trips to the restroom (you know restaurant bathrooms are very interesting to 3 year old boys...I think it is the urinals).  It was also a chance for Bell to investigate all the toys in the house without being accosted by a bullying little boy.  Not that I don't love the little guy but holy cow is he a boss!
The next morning we woke to this.  Yes you saw correctly.  That is snow on April 23 in lovely New Hampshire.  My mother called to complain about the rain in Massachusetts but needless to say I did not sympathize.  After contemplating Harry Carry due to the snow, we got all dressed and headed to Grammy and Grampy's for Easter dinner.  Of course Bell was adorned with her Easter duds and cute as pie!

The Jaffe clan minus one.  Noah was soon picked up to join the festivities.

Easter morning was great.  The usual candy meltdowns but we eventually made it outside to enjoy a beautiful day.  It went from snowing on Saturday to damn near 65 on Sunday.  Good ole New England weather I guess.  Bell had enough of being girly the day before so she let loose in the mud today.

Noah was busy with his rabbit para trouper.  He insisted that if we picked him up and tossed him into the air with the rabbit parachute that he would land softly.  He was not easily convinced that it was not feasible.

Tonight at barely 4 pm we had both kids bathed and in PJ's because it has just been one of those days when everybody was a little EXTRA dirty.  To keep in step with Bell's Tonka trucking and mud slinging we dressed her appropriately in her bothers hand me down jammies.  Twins for a night!
Notice the celery...we are detoxing from extreme amounts of refined sugar this evening.
Lastly, it's crouching baby.  She loves pictures as much as momma.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Growing up and random irritations

This little girl right here is trouble.  Case in point.  This morning she wakes up at 5:45 am and Daddy brings her into bed with me.  After he leaves for work at 6:15 am I have to get in the shower.  I set her all up with her blankets and PBS on the television, put the baby gate up between the bedroom and bathroom, make sure the door to the spare room is closed (which is attached to our bedroom) and proceed to get in the shower.  Now let me explain that there are two doors to our bathroom, one that leads to the bedroom and one that leads into the hallway.  This 13 month old girl managed to open the spare bedroom door, walk through that room, open the door that leads to the hall then open the bathroom door in the hallway and greet me as I exited the shower.  Needless to say taking a shower is about to get a lot more tricky.  You would think with skills like that she would have mastered the stairs but we all know how that played out.
I never thought I would ever get to say this but now I do and it makes me sad.  Noah could care less about Thomas the tank engine.  It was his favorite thing for two years and now I can't pay him to watch the 500 DVD's or play with the hundreds of dollars worth of Thomas paraphernalia in his room.  It is one more sign that he is growing up.  Like when I thought he would never stop using the binky but he did, and then I thought he might be crapping in diapers forever but now he is fully potty trained, and just yesterday he told me that when he has babies he will bring them to my house to play on his tire swing.  It absolutely slays me.  We have also had to stop bathing the two kiddos together because Noah has become increasingly aware that there are very obvious differences between him and his sister and it has piqued his interest. It makes for some awkward tubby moments.  I think it's best to just seperate the two and call it a day.  At least I have a few tubby shots of the little hooligans together so I can embarrass them at a later date or hey how about today!  Oh and look, there in the background...Thomas. My baby boy is growing up. :-(

**************************RANDOM IRRITATION OF THE WEEK***********************
I am not sure if any of you have ever sold a car or anything for that matter on Craigslist but here is a super irritating thing that occured last week while hubby was selling his ride.  He posts up a advertisment selling his 94 Lexus for $1,200.  He gets about four people interested in seeing it.  The first guy that e-mailed set up a time to look at the car for the following night.  In the meantime this other guy starts e-mailing A LOT.  Dov gives him a call and tells him that he has someone coming to look at the car but he will call him if it falls through.  A couple of minutes later there is a *ALERT* ad on craiglist saying, "Don't bother going to look at the Lexus in Wilton.  It slips in every gear. The fluids are all discolored.  Car is crap."  Talk about wanting to hunt someone down!  Dov called back the insistent e-mailer/caller and he denied it was him but come on give me a break!  We sold the car regardless of this jerk-offs prank but it was still pretty fustrating.  Just had to get that off my chest.  Have a good weekend all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I f***ing hate squirrels okay

I have a problem.  I always wondered why the hell anyone would want to feed wild birds. Why they become obsessed with various seeds, feeders, and the types of birds that were eating in their yard, well I have become one of these assholes.  I actually started out with a bird feeder from the Dollar store and when that of course broke before it even got out of the bag I stepped it up to a cedar one from Walmart (oh la la) that cost a whopping 10 dollars.  I wasn't even really that excited about it until I actually saw the cutest little birds enjoying the fruits of my feeder.  I saw at least 6 different kinds until I spied the squirrels circling the perimeter.  There were at least 3 of those little bastards and I knew their plan.  It was not more then a day of joyful bird watching before the yard rats moved in to destroy a beautiful thing.

So I went crazy.  I immediately got on google and researched how to keep squirrels out of your bird feeder.  Short of a .22 the answers were simple, you have two options, one being cayenne pepper spread around the area and in the bird seed the second one being actually put some thought and money into a GOOD bird feeder, probably not one from the Dollar tree or Walmart, that has a plastic dome meant for keeping these horrid creatures out.  To be truthful there were actually three solutions but the third involved actually feeding the gray rats and I was not interested at all in that so I omitted it as a option. 

Into the spice rack I go where I find this little container.  Yes we all know how this is going to end. Badly.  In all my rage I go out to stop them once and for all.  Now I am 5 feet tall on a good day and the bird feeder is about 6 feet off the ground.  Here I am on my tiptoes trying to pour cayenne pepper into the bird seed on a lovely gusty day.  So cayenne pepper, being a very fine particulate, goes swirling into the air all around and of course up my nose and into my eyes.  Yes I have just maced myself 5 minutes before having to go pick up my son at school.  As I dance around my yard swearing, crying, and sneezing what do I see...a fucking squirrel hanging off my bird feeder, and I could swear he was laughing at me.  Bastards. Sadly that was not the end.  I went out there later in the day and sprayed the entire pole down with PAM cooking spray.  Yeah that deterred the creature that can leap 10 feet in a single bound...please someone help me, I have lost my shit!

Today I tried to get Dov to leave his .22 for me but seeing how the cayenne pepper worked out he said no.  So now I just get to sit back and watch the squirrels eat the last of my bird seed and it is infuriating me to no end.  If anyone has some good ways to keep squirrels out of your feeders and or yard in general I want and need to hear them.  Please.  They are winning.   Needless to say I think I might be all done with the wild birds because as of yesterday we are officially backyard farmers with our own Rhode Island Red baby chicks that should be arriving any day.  Give me strength because if I react this way to coyotes stalking my chickens I don't think I will fair very well...lets just hope cayenne pepper isn't the solution for them as well.
My sad little empty bird feeder.  It wasn't enough for them to just devour the bird seed they had to screw up my mulch in the process.  Evil creatures I tell ya EVIL!
**  Sorry for the strong language in this post but I am truly heated.  Oh and I wouldn't really shoot the squirrels...that is what my husband is for**

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rye wait? It is soooo good!

Saturday around noon I got a hankering.  The kind of hankering that you only know when you have lived very far from the thing that you lust after.  Petey's seafood chowder, the stuff that I craved with a ferociousness when I was pregnant living in Virginia.  My husband and I had found this place on our very abbreviated honeymoon in Rye New Hampshire where we stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast located on Ocean Boulevard or Rt.1A.  I have always loved seafood and living in inland Virginia surrounded by cows and corn in every direction there was virtually NOWHERE to get fresh seafood, yes you could get the frozen bagged crap at Walmart but there were no fresh seafood counters at any of the grocery stores.  Needless to say now that we live a measly hour away I was not letting this craving go unfulfilled.  The kids were packed and loaded in the car, all chores were put on hold and we drove to Rye for some chowda and a fried seafood platter.

This is the house we stayed at for our honeymoon.

Once we had our fill of greasy delicious fried haddock, shrimp, clams, and scallops we wanted to try to get the kids to take a walk on the beach.  Yes it was a little cold and windy but I thought we might be able to get a little jaunt in.  I was wrong.  You can see from this picture that Noah was NOT feeling it.  Bella on the other hand is my little trooper.  I can't really blame Noah though, I don't think I will need a exfoliation treatment any time soon since the sand was whipping into my face at about 50 miles per hour.  Not very fun but hey it's the beach!  Make the best of it.

Yes it was a little windy.

Like I had mentioned in previous posts I like cheap junk and these masks are a glowing example of that. Look at all the fun we had with them, so worth the two bucks.  The kids are still wearing them around.  They look just like Micheal Jackson's kids...remember with the masks, hilarity.

Hubby and I have been in the yard all day today cutting trees, dragging brush, raking, and burning.  I think that I can finally see a difference!  I wanted to cut our losses get a goat and let it eat all the vines and overgrowth but that idea was nixed when I found out that meant I would have to go milk the damn things, oh and if your thinking get a male...they wack off so NO.  We are still talking about the chickens though. :-)  Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Love this guy!