Sunday, April 24, 2011

One might be a lonely number but it sure is easy!

This weekend we were able to have my mother in law watch Noah overnight to give us a little break.  At first I wasn't too excited since we would still have Bell so it wasn't "technically" a kid free night.  I dropped him off Friday and drove the hour back home to New Hampshire with Bell.  WOWZA, had I forgotten how easy it was to just have one kid!!  Dov and I were able to go out to dinner, with Bell, and it was not the horrible, embarrassing, fight producing extravaganza it usually is when we attempt to go out with both kids.  She sat contentedly in the highchair and nibbled on whatever we put in front of her while flirting with the waitstaff.  Now if Noah had been there I know for sure there would have been some climbing under the table, talking at ear piercing decibels, possibly some crying and about four unnecessary trips to the restroom (you know restaurant bathrooms are very interesting to 3 year old boys...I think it is the urinals).  It was also a chance for Bell to investigate all the toys in the house without being accosted by a bullying little boy.  Not that I don't love the little guy but holy cow is he a boss!
The next morning we woke to this.  Yes you saw correctly.  That is snow on April 23 in lovely New Hampshire.  My mother called to complain about the rain in Massachusetts but needless to say I did not sympathize.  After contemplating Harry Carry due to the snow, we got all dressed and headed to Grammy and Grampy's for Easter dinner.  Of course Bell was adorned with her Easter duds and cute as pie!

The Jaffe clan minus one.  Noah was soon picked up to join the festivities.

Easter morning was great.  The usual candy meltdowns but we eventually made it outside to enjoy a beautiful day.  It went from snowing on Saturday to damn near 65 on Sunday.  Good ole New England weather I guess.  Bell had enough of being girly the day before so she let loose in the mud today.

Noah was busy with his rabbit para trouper.  He insisted that if we picked him up and tossed him into the air with the rabbit parachute that he would land softly.  He was not easily convinced that it was not feasible.

Tonight at barely 4 pm we had both kids bathed and in PJ's because it has just been one of those days when everybody was a little EXTRA dirty.  To keep in step with Bell's Tonka trucking and mud slinging we dressed her appropriately in her bothers hand me down jammies.  Twins for a night!
Notice the celery...we are detoxing from extreme amounts of refined sugar this evening.
Lastly, it's crouching baby.  She loves pictures as much as momma.

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  1. Yes ... we find that even just one less kid makes a huge difference! So true!