Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sorry but 3 year olds can really suck!

My Noah is growing up.  He has moods that swing worse then my own and at times he makes it very hard to think of him as a three year old and not some crazed lunatic intent on destroying any last bit of sanity I have left.  He has discovered the art of manipulation and will use it on just about anyone.  On a recent outing to Ocean State Job Lot he decided that he would like for me to rip all my hair out so he started in with the LOUD INAPPROPRIATE dialogue before we even entered the store.  Things like, "my sister is a girl and she has a vagina and I am a boy and I have a penis" are being spouted off at a playground voice level.  This in turn leads to me bartering, "if you shut up you can get a piece of candy when we leave."  This inevitably fails so I resort to the in-store pinch.  For anyone with children you know this can either work like a charm or cause a even bigger scene with the child melting down with loud over dramatic crying.
On this lovely trip he decided to melt down.  Per usual some irritating old woman decides she will step in to help calm down this psychotic child.  "Oh honey what is the matter?" "Are you the big brother?" are just a few of the unhelpful things she asks my dear son who is now laying in the shopping cart trying to kick his sister in the head.  His response to this old lady, "my mother HATES ME." 
Now this is comfortable for everyone isn't it.  To bad that at that moment I think I did hate him and did not have it in me to play perfect mother with this meddling old banshee.  I just walked away without a response as she mumbled about how sweet my little monsters are.  All this leads me to the following, I do love this kid.  Even with his new mood swings, bad morning breath, and love of anything having to do with the word diarrhea.  We both have a lot of growing up to do, me and this boy!

Tonight for the most part was a good night for me and my mortal enemy.  He allowed me to cut his hair and we didn't have to discuss bodily functions even one time!  Score one for me.
Here is a pretty accurate depiction of how these two get along MOST of the time.  But I have proof that this girl LOVES her big brother.

This is Bella nuggeling with Noah's blanket while he was at school the other day.  I came into the living room and she was all snuggled with it.  She never touches it when he is home so I know she misses him when he is away.

This is a shot taken at Grammy McLean's house on Saint Patricks Day.  Cousin Connor and Noah...the two last kids on the planet that should have their hands on toy rifles.

The moon last night.  Beautiful.