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I think I might have a problem. Nope. I definitely do.

It is no secret that I love thrift.  Second hand?  Sure.  Yard sales?  Bring it.  Free trash treasure on the side of the road?  Yes sir!  Flea markets?  Couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday.  I have no issue whatsoever admitting that I am cheap.  Hell, I don't even think of it as cheap...I fancy myself smarter then the average bear!  Until it comes to several items.  This list will contain some of the things I keep buying cheaply and over and over again.  They always disappoint in some massive, catastrophic way and therefore lead to gigantic arguments when husband discovers that, yet again, I have bought dollar store deodorant, or god forbid...trash bags.

I will begin with trash bags.  Every time I go to the dollar tree I have memory loss when I reach the trash bags. Each trip I take I inevitably leave with a box.  The lesson in what gargantuan pieces of shit they are was learned when we lived in our first 3rd floor walk up.  To be perfectly honest, Dov discovered…