Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finally the beginning

Today Dov finally found some of our old pictures from our last laptop.  For people that have moved every year for the past ten years this is HUGE. Within these pictures are shots dating back to our very beginning.  When I got to thinking about it, Dov and I have lived in a lot of places.

Our first apartment was an illegal little studio apartment in the crappiest section of Marlborough.  It was a whopping $425.00 a month so it fit the budget and the real kicker was the rent decreased to $325.00 for the second 6 months if you lasted that long.  I can honestly say that I have some great memories from that apartment.  It is where I met my first real prostitute...running around my hallway screaming for Stony (my chain smoking neighbor with a ZZ top beard) to give her back her *expletive* clothes, and where I learned a whole bunch about being an adult. In the end, the only reason we left after the first year was up was because Dov was not listed on the lease and the landlord wanted to stick it to us.  So off we went to our second shit hole about 2 minutes down the street.

The day I moved in, Dov and Dad.  Notice the slanted ceiling...yeah it was that small. (Broad Street Marlborough Ma.)
This was the other side.  It was like a little doll house, but it was mine all mine.

Yes I even managed to get a Christmas Tree in there! 

This was a step up because we could actually fit a REAL bed into the apartment.  Up to this point we had been sleeping on my childhood day bed...things you will do when your in love huh?  It is here that our lives started to take shape.  We became engaged in this second floor petri dish, planned our wedding, came home after our honeymoon and conceived our first born in that glorified one bedroom apartment.
Our tiny kitchen on Crescent Street in Marlborough.  Many a drunk people have sat in that chair.  We use to fit 5 easy in that kitchen.
 Prime example
 Our bedroom without a door.  Yup basically another studio that could fit a queen sized bed.
We made the best of every situation.  Grillin on the fire escape...hell ya.
We had barely settled into our new "luxury apartment," still in Marlborough by the way, when I found out I was pregnant with Noah.  Had we known before the lease was signed we might have sprung for at least the two bedroom but as it was the rent was 1,300.00 not including utilities.  In this apartment we brought home our baby boy and spent our first year as parents.  I have tons of pictures from this period and I love them all. I can tell how content I was. We had become a little family and I was so happy.  Broke...but happy.  I decided after a short stint back at work that it was not logical to spend my whole paycheck having someone else watch my child.  I will do that myself thank you very much.  This meant less income so it was time to downsize.
Momma and Noah (Stonegate)

Christmas 2007 Stonegate Marlborough Ma.

Our pool at Stonegate (feeling very hoighty toighty with my hat)

This all led to us leaving our brand new apartment and moving into a VERY SMALL house in Hopkinton. The rent was OK and we thought it would be nice to live near family.  The home we rented was a disaster.  Our drunk landlord disappeared to the Caribbean the first winter we were there and ice damns, water damage, and headaches ensued.  When he finally returned from his winter away he decided to burn brush in the woods behind the house and use our hose to put out the forest fire he created.  Needless to say he flooded our basement and then blamed us and would not return our security deposit.  Awesome...yes...moving on.
Noah's first Birthday party on Hayward street in Hopkinton.  Good day.

Noah in the kitchen on Hayward Street in Hopkinton

Chilling in one of our many living rooms.  We recently got rid of those couches and as they left the driveway I was a little sad because of all the history. (Hopkinton)
It turned out that although living near family was nice we were both wondering if maybe we weren't doing ourselves an injustice by not relocating for Dov's company.  I mean his company would basically pay for us to move and the location wasn't that bad either. So on June 30th 2009 we loaded into the car with Noah and our two cats and drove to Staunton Virginia.

The day we moved into our home in Virginia
Dov enjoying our front porch the first week we moved in. (Virginia)

Our pool in Va. (again feeling very posh)

11 months after we moved in.  Isabella 4 months (Virginia)
The town house was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, and I was pregnant again.  This pregnancy turned out to be a emotional, gut wrenching, traumatizing event and being 900 miles away from any support proved to be one of the hardest things I have yet gone through.  Luckily I married a good guy or I don't know how I would of done it.  We lived in Virginia for little over a year and when Dov's project was completed we finally bought our own home here in New Hampshire. Back into the car.   Now up two kids and down two cats for our last and final journey. Wow that is a lot of moving!  A lot of memories.  A lot of good times.  A lot of bad times.  In the end we are exactly where we should be.  Home.
Finally the beginning.

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