Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Virginia is for LOVERS!

Want to hear something gross?  The other morning I went to get some shoes out of the back of my closet, a pair I hadn't worn since we moved into the house in September, and there was a handful of acorns in there.  Yes you heard correct, we at one time had a squirrel running around in our house while we slept, hiding his winter nourishment in our shoes and drawers.  I say drawers because not too long ago my husband had found a equal number of acorns in his bottom drawer of his dresser.  I have no clue how the little fuckers got in there but they did.  I don't think it is a problem anymore because we have poisoned anything that has four legs in the house with DE-CON and snapped the necks of anything stupid enough to eat peanut butter off of rat traps but it still creeps me the hell out!  I mean it is not as gross as when I lived in a apartment in Marlborough and the teenage son of my neighbor decided to relieve himself out of his bedroom window onto my grill but that is a story for another day.
The news has recently announced that we are likely getting another 6 inches to a foot of snow and it has made me a little homicidal.  I mean just in the last week the snow has almost completely melted and I have been planning a weekend of raking, garden planning and bulb planting now to be replaced with snow blowing which is a real bitch to say the least.  At this time last year I was home in Virginia with a 1 month old and it was like 70 degrees out.  I actually remember sitting in my driveway with her and my son at the end of March in SHORTS.  Not too pretty a sight but still, SHORTS.  It is when I think of that and also the general beauty of the Shenandoah Valley that I maybe kinda sorta miss it.  I don't miss not being able to visit the folks if I feel like it but I felt like at least there is a reason that nobody comes to visit, I mean it was a 9 hour drive.  Here I am now a measly hour away and I can barely pay people to make the drive!  I guess they don't really like me huh? Just kidding, they come around if there is cake.  No no really they like me...I think.
Well since I am thinking of Virginia lately I will put up some beautiful shots of Blue Ridge Parkway (basically the free Skyline Drive).  We use to do this drive almost every weekend seeing as it was literally 15 minutes away.  Some of the best picnics I will ever have.
Just mountains in every direction.  The other side of the street looks the same way!

No matter where I would go there were just fields and mountains with these huge hay bails everywhere.  It might not seem like it was that great but that is because the pictures can't do it justice.  There was probably at least 10 or more acres of this field that looked the same.  Beautiful.

This little calf use to get out all the time.  This was right next door.  Yup I use to herd cattle with my car!
Virginia is for lovers for sure!

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