Friday, April 22, 2011

Growing up and random irritations

This little girl right here is trouble.  Case in point.  This morning she wakes up at 5:45 am and Daddy brings her into bed with me.  After he leaves for work at 6:15 am I have to get in the shower.  I set her all up with her blankets and PBS on the television, put the baby gate up between the bedroom and bathroom, make sure the door to the spare room is closed (which is attached to our bedroom) and proceed to get in the shower.  Now let me explain that there are two doors to our bathroom, one that leads to the bedroom and one that leads into the hallway.  This 13 month old girl managed to open the spare bedroom door, walk through that room, open the door that leads to the hall then open the bathroom door in the hallway and greet me as I exited the shower.  Needless to say taking a shower is about to get a lot more tricky.  You would think with skills like that she would have mastered the stairs but we all know how that played out.
I never thought I would ever get to say this but now I do and it makes me sad.  Noah could care less about Thomas the tank engine.  It was his favorite thing for two years and now I can't pay him to watch the 500 DVD's or play with the hundreds of dollars worth of Thomas paraphernalia in his room.  It is one more sign that he is growing up.  Like when I thought he would never stop using the binky but he did, and then I thought he might be crapping in diapers forever but now he is fully potty trained, and just yesterday he told me that when he has babies he will bring them to my house to play on his tire swing.  It absolutely slays me.  We have also had to stop bathing the two kiddos together because Noah has become increasingly aware that there are very obvious differences between him and his sister and it has piqued his interest. It makes for some awkward tubby moments.  I think it's best to just seperate the two and call it a day.  At least I have a few tubby shots of the little hooligans together so I can embarrass them at a later date or hey how about today!  Oh and look, there in the background...Thomas. My baby boy is growing up. :-(

**************************RANDOM IRRITATION OF THE WEEK***********************
I am not sure if any of you have ever sold a car or anything for that matter on Craigslist but here is a super irritating thing that occured last week while hubby was selling his ride.  He posts up a advertisment selling his 94 Lexus for $1,200.  He gets about four people interested in seeing it.  The first guy that e-mailed set up a time to look at the car for the following night.  In the meantime this other guy starts e-mailing A LOT.  Dov gives him a call and tells him that he has someone coming to look at the car but he will call him if it falls through.  A couple of minutes later there is a *ALERT* ad on craiglist saying, "Don't bother going to look at the Lexus in Wilton.  It slips in every gear. The fluids are all discolored.  Car is crap."  Talk about wanting to hunt someone down!  Dov called back the insistent e-mailer/caller and he denied it was him but come on give me a break!  We sold the car regardless of this jerk-offs prank but it was still pretty fustrating.  Just had to get that off my chest.  Have a good weekend all!


  1. Hahah i would have hunted that shit head down!!! this IS irritating!!!!!!


    ps. it makes me sad that they're growing up too!!

  2. Noah seems to be going thru some big personality changes lately and he just seems a lot more mature. I hate thinking about him as a teenager when he will want NOTHING to do with me. :(