Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rye wait? It is soooo good!

Saturday around noon I got a hankering.  The kind of hankering that you only know when you have lived very far from the thing that you lust after.  Petey's seafood chowder, the stuff that I craved with a ferociousness when I was pregnant living in Virginia.  My husband and I had found this place on our very abbreviated honeymoon in Rye New Hampshire where we stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast located on Ocean Boulevard or Rt.1A.  I have always loved seafood and living in inland Virginia surrounded by cows and corn in every direction there was virtually NOWHERE to get fresh seafood, yes you could get the frozen bagged crap at Walmart but there were no fresh seafood counters at any of the grocery stores.  Needless to say now that we live a measly hour away I was not letting this craving go unfulfilled.  The kids were packed and loaded in the car, all chores were put on hold and we drove to Rye for some chowda and a fried seafood platter.

This is the house we stayed at for our honeymoon.

Once we had our fill of greasy delicious fried haddock, shrimp, clams, and scallops we wanted to try to get the kids to take a walk on the beach.  Yes it was a little cold and windy but I thought we might be able to get a little jaunt in.  I was wrong.  You can see from this picture that Noah was NOT feeling it.  Bella on the other hand is my little trooper.  I can't really blame Noah though, I don't think I will need a exfoliation treatment any time soon since the sand was whipping into my face at about 50 miles per hour.  Not very fun but hey it's the beach!  Make the best of it.

Yes it was a little windy.

Like I had mentioned in previous posts I like cheap junk and these masks are a glowing example of that. Look at all the fun we had with them, so worth the two bucks.  The kids are still wearing them around.  They look just like Micheal Jackson's kids...remember with the masks, hilarity.

Hubby and I have been in the yard all day today cutting trees, dragging brush, raking, and burning.  I think that I can finally see a difference!  I wanted to cut our losses get a goat and let it eat all the vines and overgrowth but that idea was nixed when I found out that meant I would have to go milk the damn things, oh and if your thinking get a male...they wack off so NO.  We are still talking about the chickens though. :-)  Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Love this guy!

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