Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tiger Mom ~vs~ Fox Mom

Sometimes I complain that pre-school is only 3 hours long and that I can't REALLY get anything accomplished in that short amount of time.  Well all it takes is school vacation to show me how worth it those 3 hours are.  Not that I don't enjoy long morning hours of screaming, running, jumping, and typical three year old shenanigans but cripes I was ready to strangle that little monster this week on more then one occasion.  He does have a way though, of making you forget what a terror he is being when he stops to say that he loves you as high as the moon and falls to the floor in fits of convulsive laughter when you respond that you love him as far as Uranus.  Definitely my kid...who doesn't love a good Uranus joke anyways?

Poor Noah though does take the brunt of the punishment around here him being the oldest and a insanely hyper 3 year old.  His sister, 13 months,  is a leg clinger and constant whiner when she is not getting her way.  When it comes to her whining I have like a zero tolerance.  Noah on the other hand LOVES to hear her whine.  This I know is a fact because he has made it his life's mission to get her to whine and cry constantly.  If she picks up a long forgotten toy from a Happy Meal Noah can not rip it from her hands fast enough.  Even if he just holds it and stares blankly into space while she has a full on temper tantrum.  If she decides that she will just move on to another toy he will throw down the one he just stole to grab the next thing she has discovered and we go on and on like this till mom loses her god forsaken mind.

So after the fourth morning I've spent sending kids to time out every 4 minutes I finally REALLY lost my mind and screamed at the top of my lungs that I would simply NOT take another second of this behavior and that I was going to get in the car and let them fight till the death!!  Then I took a deep breath counted to ten and announced that it was nap time, and I did not care that it was only 11 am.  My daughter went down without a problem.  Probably because she had exhausted herself crying and carrying on for the past 3 hours.  Now it was Noah's turn.  I enter his room ready for a battle but I find that he is already in his bed.  I sit down at the edge and apologize for getting so angry this morning and try to explain to him that sometimes grown ups like to have it a little more quiet in the morning.  Noah looks at me all three and innocent and says, "You know mom, sometimes it is really hard to make you happy."  Oh dear lord now I feel like the three year old.  Thank you my wise sage for waking me up.  I will try to work on that.  When I get a moment of silence.

As I typed this I glanced out the slider door and spotted a mother fox and all her babies directly across the street.  I sat and watched her and her little ones for about 15 minutes and you know what?  She was having the same problem as me...none of those little rascals would listen to her!  She kept jogging into the woods and those babies would just keep wrestling in the middle of the street.  *Sigh*  At least I am not alone.

Little girls in nightgowns, ponytails, and shorts melt me.

Little boys faces framed by forsythia and daffodils melt me.  So does his passion for photography.


  1. You know.. the other day in my women's studies class we were talking about stay at home moms and all the work that they have to do.. and how society has a negative view on housewives... saying that they get to stay home and 'play with the children' all day and how easy they have it! Well this is a PERFECT example of our discussion. Mothers should get paid for the amount of work they do! I've learned a lot from that class and life is just NOT FAIR for women.. and sadly that will never change. At least not in our life time =/

  2. Haha! Too funny! I love the timing of seeing a fox going through parenting stress.

    I think all little boys like to here their sisters whine/cry. My brother was always great at it. Just pray your little girl isn't a drama queen! :)

  3. @ Dihanna-Yes I am lucky to stay home but there are definitely more days then not that I long for converstions about adult things. I also relished the drive to and from work when I would process my day. There is no respite when you stay home and your husband works CONSTANTLY! Thanks for understanding :)

    @Rebecca-The fox was awesome! I couldn't believe it! Yes I found comfort in mother nature today...pretty cool.