Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time to go play in traffic.

I have stumbled upon something great on Stumbleupon.  This amazing thing called stereomood.  You can pick a mood out of their list and then it plays a very eclectic mix of music to suit how your feeling.  Yes the music is not radio top 40 but it is awesomely good.  I love it.  Here listen.  Although the other morning I put on one station that played Mexican mariachi music...not my cup of tea so I vacumed to it.  That worked out great.  See!  Making the best of the worst of it people.

I am starting to question even more why I have a dog.  I tried to take him on a quick errand yesterday, with the kids, to the garden center at the end of my street.  DISASTER.  I left the driver side window down about 6 inches and walked about 10 feet away.  The damn dog literally tried to squeeze his entire body through the window.  Panting, yelping, acting like a complete tool.  I really wanted to open the door and let him run into traffic but I was already severely embarrassed that everyone in the garden center was now staring at the pathetic loser of a dog hanging out of my window.  So there is that issue.  And he sheds like a monster.  I mean winter is coming, WHAT UP DOG?!  Oh and him and my daughter think it is OK to kiss with tongue.  Gag.

 I probably should have stuck with chickens.  Chickens are the best pets.  Low maintenance, eat ticks, and give you eggs.  Way better then the dog.  Although he seems to have developed a taste for chicken poop so that saves me from having to scrape it off the driveway.  Now if he would just eat his own poop it would save me from having to scrape it off the children's shoes.  Now the part about him and Bell is even grosser huh?

Wassup chickens?

The dog still does that submissive pissing thing.  How do you not react?  I seriously want to know where you develop the level of patience it takes to deal with a dog that pisses every time you go to get the mail.  Or you come home from work.  Because I know Dov loves nothing more then cleaning up piss after a 2 hour commute.  Love you honey, but if I have to clean up that animals urine one more time today, not to mention the whole other dog that he shedded off, I will kill him.  I mean it.

Anywho I have play date numero dos today at my new pal's house.  I have a friend...wooohoooo.  Go me!
Just to add insult to injury I took a picture of the post work urine clean up.  Check out ole psycho eyes under the table.

This is why he is still alive.  These momentary glimpses of cuteness. 

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