Friday, November 4, 2011

Shopping at the "junk" store

OK, so it is no shocker that I shop at thrift stores, the Dollar Tree, or any other store where there is the slightest chance I could score a bargain, although the Dollar Tree is mostly full of crap that falls apart and should only really cost 50 cents.  It started with my mother and slowly trickled down to me.  When I was younger I loathed going to "the Army" with Mom.  I wanted to shop at 5-7-9 and all the other Mall stores that the richer Hopkinton crowd was hitting up, but Mom was raised on thrift and come hell or high water, I would be too.  So for many years school shopping consisted of a few select "new" items and a slew of second hand steals.  I dreamed of the day that I would get my own job and buy all the brand new clothes that I wanted so badly.  Fast forward to age 16.  I am working at Golden Pond as a waitress for the elderly, raking in my 6 dollars an hour and quickly realizing that I can get more of a bang from my very few bucks at the Salvation Army vs Delia's and the other hip teenage stores of the 90's.

I am not going to tell you shopping at the Army is as easy as shopping at the Mall, because it is NOT.  You have to dig through a TON of crap to find the one thing that is totally worth the 30 minutes you just spent looking through mu mu's, shirts with missing buttons and pit stained Tee's, but when you find that item, and it has the right color tag (some are half off), you are on cloud nine.  So some of you think that it is gross and you should only go there for Halloween costumes or dropping off your tax deductions, but I am telling you right are missing out!

My last trip was pretty successful even with the two kids in tow.  Which at a Mall is impossible since they have to remain stationary in the carriage.  At least at the Army they could pretty much light a fire and nobody would blink.  I was able to make it through most of the women's department and some of the kids before the meltdowns ensued.  Want to see my scores for the day?  This is only half of them but my husband thought it was ridiculous to take pictures of clothing and so I got self conscious and stopped. LOL
How adorable is this jacket?  $4.99!
Kids Connection winter boots for Bella.  Barely, if ever worn.  $2.00  Just in time for our October Nor'easter.
She was not super excited about modeling this particular night.

I also scored a few things for myself.  Remember My so called Life?  Claire Danes and her grunge inspired attire.  Well I recall wanting a pair of boots that she wore on that show but my measly paycheck was insufficient to afford anything but Payless at the time so I let the dream of running after Jared Leto in my sweet sweet boots go.  Not anymore because TA DA!!!!!!! $2.99 marked down from $4.99, a discount at the discount store. 

Been rocking these bad Larry's with some jeans and flannel shirts.  Feeling so "like" awesome.

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