Thursday, October 20, 2011

She had a pocket full of horses, Trojans some of em used.

Sometimes I lose my ipod.  For like months.  It will go on a trip in the truck with Dov, the kids and I and a week later I can't remember when was the last time I saw it.  Dov's truck is about as clean as my car and that is NOT saying much, so a quick glance in there is likely to yield no results.  I then come to the conclusion that one of the children has ganked it and I will find it when I decide it is time to clean the rats out from under the couch.

So anyways it has been missing since me and hubs went to see Kenny Chesney back in August.  Yeah...that long.  But you know what is the best part of finding it after all that time?  I get to LOVE all the music again. Because I am fickle with my music love and usually can find a reason to hate a song if I hear it too many times.  But there is one artist on that ipod that I hold dear to my heart.  A man that has gotten me harassed on numerous occasions, mostly in college, when I would hang his beautiful poster on my wall and blast Darling Nicky out of my Sony 5 CD changer speakers.  Yes, if you guessed Prince you would be right.  I just can NOT get sick of Prince, The artist formerly known as Prince, or any of his other incarnations.  I J'adore him and all his feminine masculinity.  Especially the oversexed, kinky Prince of the 80's, prior to him finding religion and all that jazz.  I have been known to blast Little Red Corvette so loud that my children cry in the backseat...I just can't help myself.
How about a little Prince circa 1979...
Maybe you prefer 1980's Prince when he rocked the sweet sweet perm
Diamond and Pearls era.  1990's
The more understated Prince of the 00's
I personally will take my Prince in any era...I do find that black uni-tard very sexy though.

Purple Rain-forget about it.  I will literally go into a trance when it comes on.  I think it dates back to the first time I heard Prince.  When I was about 11, my mother came home from her weekend yard sales and as usual I would run downstairs to see if she had scored any treasures for me.  She handed me the cassette soundtrack to the movie Purple Rain, and that was it.  Hooked.  I beelined down to Hopkinton Drug and scored the movie...LOVE at first sight.  Even to this day if I see it on VH1 I have to watch it.
The funny thing is Prince is SOOOOO not my type.  Just something about those sexy moves and lyrics.  Does it every time.  He is like what Micheal Bolton was to my mother.  What Elvis was to the generation before.  Prince in his tight pants and high heeled boots with that Jerry curl perm just really...mmmmhmmmm.  Go ahead turn up the playlist and let him take you away.  I promise I only picked a few of my favorites.  Oh and if your not a Prince fan I am sorry...your loss for sure!

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