Monday, January 31, 2011

Why kids are better people

Well couple of things have happened since the last post.  The first being that my son started a preschool program at the local elementary school which has freed up my mornings a bit.  The program is one that integrates special needs and typical kids together in one classroom, which scared me for some crazy reason at first.  I think we forget that kids are such better people then us adults sometimes.  They don't have any of the preconcieved notions about what is normal and so-called abnormal.  Well he started school and LOVES it!  Score one for Noah!  He needed a break from me anyways :).

Yet another thing that has been going on is my daughter seems to have a crooked but crack!  I know I know TMI and also not that big of a deal right...well come to find out it is a big deal.  My husband was the first one to mention the quirkiness of her derrier and also point out the little dimple right at the top of her bum.  Well after all the craziness that we went through with her nuchal translucency during my pregnancy I immediatly jumped into panick mode and googled well crooked butt crack.  To my surprise this is a real thing!  It means that she might have a tethered spinal cord!  I am to afraid to call the pedi because I would rather live under the illusion that she is fine and nothing is wrong.  I think I am going to wait till her next well baby to bring it up and see what the Pedi says.  I am hoping that I am just being a crazy overprotective mom but after her prenatal craziness It is like I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Well here is a pic of my beautiful girl and her 2 little teeth.
Hopefully I will be able to get back here more often now that Noah is off to school in the morning.  Now out to shovel yet more of this god awful snow that continues to blanket the northeast!

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