Friday, February 4, 2011

Anybody know of any 30 + playgroups out there?

I guess there is no real good way to say this but I SUCK at meeting people.  I get super nervous that I will say something wrong or maybe swear to much for their liking or one of like eight thousand other faux pas.  The real trouble with this is my husband has the same problem.  I mean what two people can move away for a year and only meet one person (who by the way I thought sucked) the whole time.
I could go on and blame it on the kids and being stuck in the house with them blah blah but the truth of the matter is I just hate getting to know people.  I am the type of girl that likes to cut the small talk and get down to the dirty dirty right off the bat.  I always say when Noah goes to school then I will meet someone or when the weather gets nice I can meet someone at the park but ya know what...I usually am the mom that sits farthest from the rest of the group and tries my damnedest not to make direct eye contact, probably cause my kid just whacked their kid over the head but still.  This is something that I need to work on but it is just a little more difficult when you are thirty saying "will you be my friend?" and not three.
On a lighter note my new couch is coming tomorrow YEEHAA!  Just in time for me to sleep thru the super bowl cause god knows I don't have any friends coming over.  That GD snowstorm that they are predicting better back the F off if it knows what is good for it.  Nothing is stopping my couch delivery neither hell or high snow!
My one and only bestie!! Amy at Noah beans first birthday.  From the looks of it someone is showing off their new bling!  Can't believe this was two years ago!  Reminds me that someone has anniversary coming up :)


  1. Hi! Braybear here from BBC.

    I am the president of our local MOMS Club has worked wonders for my socialization!!! Maybe there is a Chapter near you.

    I also attend monthly MOPS Meetings, too! :)

  2. Thanx Braybear!

    I have heard of MOPS and always thought that you had to be a member of the congregation to join or attend a meeting. Is that the case or not? I am a non practicing catholic and hubby is Jewish sooooo I am really just looking for some socializing not so much religion if that makes sense. I hear that they have some great speakers though so I would love to be able to go. Oh and thanks for reading. :)