Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beautiful and perfect things

Well we are in full pre-party cleaning mode!  I can not stop adding to the list of things that need to get done before Bell's big first birthday bash.  The thing is that I normally get crazy when I am having a lot of company and this is the first time that much of my family is going to see our new house so it is double anxiety.  I am actively scrubbing baseboards, washing doors, sucking up dust bunnies and trying to organize the kids millions of miscellaneous toys that are strewn around under couches, beds, and t.v stands.  It all seems overwhelming but I am glad to do it.  It is not often that you get to have the family together for such fun events and like I said in my previous post we are celebrating everything right!  Last night was the best with hubby home early and a little hungry hippos to top it off.
I can not believe that my little baby girl is going to be one!  It makes me a little sad being that she is "our last".  I am going to miss the little baby days where they smell like I don't know...oatmeal...I know that sounds weird but that is what my husband and I always said when they were babies.  When they are laying in bed beside you so tiny and their breath just smells like warm oatmeal.  I know that I won't miss the endless nights without sleep but the tiny baby sleeping noises, and adorable little onesies, shoes, hats...OK OK pull it together.  I have lots of other things to look forward to...this ones a cutie just take a look!

She has the funniest little faces.  This is the stuff that makes my life awesome!
Tomorrow is a day filled with grocery shopping for the party.  Lots of money to be well spent on the company of my dearest friends and family all coming together to celebrate the one year anniversary of the birth of my little Bell.

I recently found a piece of paper in a book on which I had written the words "Your baby is perfect and healthy".  I had written those words because the doctors had told me that you would not be.  Well baby girl my positive affirmation worked.  You are one of my most beautiful and perfect things.