Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cleaning...not today!

Today is a beautiful day!  50 degrees in March I will take it!  My poor husband is sick so I will play perfect housewife and make chicken soup while he is at work.  Ordinarily I think that I hold my own when it comes to domestic duties. I always have a pretty clean house, on the surface maybe but still no one would call it dirty. The laundry is always done, even if it takes a while to make it to the drawer, and the kids are clean, well most of the time.  I guess the area that needs work is the fact that it is not a natural thing for me.  I HATE cleaning so it takes a bigger toll on me then someone that would be glad to do it.  That is why I think sometimes I am a little grumpier then I would like.  I wish I was one of the moms that could care less if the house is clean or if the kids have a bath every single night (because they don't really need one) but if anything is out of order I feel like I am failing at my job.  Since I don't work there is no excuse that these things are not done and done well.  I try my damndest to make a healthy dinner, clean the kids rooms, vacuum and dust everyday but ohhhhhh how much happier I would be if I could just let it go and relax.  I think that since I have tackled my smoking (2 months smoke free) that learning to relax is next on the list. 
Well Noah is at school now so that means me and my girl get to play with her dolly and practice our walking (she is getting pretty good.) Today will be a good one and I won't care if the kitchen floor isn't swept, I have more important things to do like paint my little peanuts toes for the first time. :)

This was what I turned to see while I made dinner last night.  This is what makes mamas happy.

I could spend all day looking at this sweet little girl.  She cracks me up.

Getting away with touching her brothers toys while he is at school.  Don't worry Bell I won't show him this.

She really loves to push the limits.  She turns to me like "ya ya I know you said get down but ummmm NO!"

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