Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I want it done YESTERDAY!

Instant gratification.  This is something that has stopped me from completing almost everything that I have ever started.  I guess the best example of this is painting my son and daughters bedrooms.  I have all the best intentions when I start a project, I buy the painters tape, drop cloth, and Spackle with a grand notion of painting better then the pros.  Well as soon as I get up in that room with the can of paint all hell breaks loose and no sooner does the cap come off that I am well on my way to painting over every hole (who the hell needs Spackle anyway), dried dead bug, and bugger that the little darlings wipe on the wall.  I think this is why I have a hard time with hobbies.  Every time you tell someone that you are bored they tell you to get a hobby.  Well for someone that needs everything that I do to be done yesterday that is a real humdinger.  Unless I can make a quilt in 45 minutes (which is about my attention span) then forget it.  Well the reason for this rant is the following, RSVPing.
I have been planning my daughters first birthday for the past couple of weeks.  This grand event is planned for Saturday March 5 and invites were sent out in January.  Out of about 15 people only 3 have told me whether they plan on attending or not.  Now I know there is still time but that's when that pesky instant gratification thing comes in.  I myself am usually the first to RSVP as well as ask to help and arrive first to lend a hand if needed.  It just irks the hell out of me that most people are so inconsiderate as to make you plan on their attendance until 2 days before bailing out.  Like I really want 20 extra party hats and favors laying around after the event for the could of been guests.  Ohhhh and I also made it as easy as sending a e-mail.  I mean I kinda can understand not wanting to call to say you aren't coming (a little awkward I guess) but to just type out a little note and send it over the web, what the hell could be easier.  Whatever I just had to get that out of my system.
My Valentine Noah, so proud with his valentine he made at school.

The mixbook of family photos I made for hubby
What it looks like inside.  I was so pleased with the quality.
On another note Valentines day was yesterday and my little Noah made me a valentine (melt).  He was so excited to give it to me after school that he nearly ripped it getting it out of his backpack, he must have that instant gratification thing too!  Oh and my coffee table book of our personal pictures from www.mixbook .com came and holy cow was I happy.  It was better then I could have imagined.  Hubby loved it and it is something that I can keep forever which is great.  I love pictures, I am that person who will gladly come to your house and look at all your photo albums happily even if I don't know a soul in there.  There is just something so magical about pictures.
God Lord I love this kid!

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