Monday, February 7, 2011

Parental curse=GUILT

Lately I have been struggling with trying to divide my attention between my two kiddos.  Isabella is at the stage where she pretty much needs constant monitoring so that she doesn't swallow one of Noah's toys, play in the toilet, or fall down the stairs.  Noah is at a stage where he can entertain himself with trains or video games, coloring etc.  I have so much guilt that he is not getting nearly as much attention as my daughter.  The saddest thing is that it is so much easier to snap at him for any little thing while he watches his sister get away with bloody murder.  No one ever tells you that when you become a parent you will have such feelings of guilt...I mean sometimes it is overwhelming.  When I was pregnant with my second I remember thinking about how wonderful having the two would be and how Bell would be cooing on a blanket and Noah and me reading a story, well that was just plain delusional thinking.  More often then not I am screaming at Noah because for some reason the baby is crying and I can only imagine that he has hit, pinched, or taken a toy away from her while I try to get dinner ready.  Being a mom has it's ups and downs like anything else and sometimes just letting go of the rules for the night letting the kids eat whatever the hell they want HOWEVER they want, putting on Thomas tattoos, making goofy faces and dancing around to terrible music is what you need to put it all back into perspective.  STOP, RELAX, PLAY-Let them be little.
Bell eating her vanilla custard all by herself!  Didn't she do a good job!

Noah doing his "funny face"
Dancing around showing off his new tattoo!

dancing fool

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