Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed in AGAIN!!!!

So here we are stuck in the house while we get pummeled with another 20 inches of snow.  I have run out of activities for the kids and so I will let Netflix take over and pray for long naps.  Here is a shot of my hubby and son during last weeks storm. Note the cast on Noah's leg...I will get to that.

So the cast...my husband and son were horsing around on the bed one night while I talked with my mom on the phone.  I am unclear on the specifics but in the end I wound up in the doctors office with a very upset little boy, a grumpy daughter and a doctor that thought it was fine but sent me to get x-rays anyways.  Welp guess what, broken.  So I was not so crazy for thinking something bigger then three year old drama was going on.  Noah made out like a king for 4 weeks while daddy worked out the guilt. I was just glad kids are so resilient, after about a hour Noah walked with his cast like he was born with it!  It has since come off and thank god for that.  No more trashbag tubbies or hobbling into stores carrying both kids.  Here are a few shots of my little trooper.

On another note I have been thinking alot about going back to work, or maybe school.  I did go to nursing school for two years and have always regretted not finishing.  Not because I want to be a nurse but it was a time in my life that I could of done and finished anything and I chose not to.  To this day I am not really clear on the reason I didn't finish, I was not married and had no children, I guess I was just lazy.  Well let me tell ya not anymore.  These kids have me itching to get out of the house and do something other then clean, cook, and read Thomas the tank engine eighty times a day.  I am going to start to think alot more about what it is that I really want to do...maybe something in the science field.  I really would love to work in genetic counseling but just have to find out how to start.  Well the kids are going to need lunch soon and I still haven't cleaned up from breakfast so I better get going on the domestic duties.  Hope to be back soon!

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