Thursday, February 10, 2011

From the mouths of babes.

This weekend is one I have been looking forward to for quite some time!  The hubs and I are kid free for a night and the following day so there is a night of taxes, romantic dinner, and uninterrupted sleep in store for us.  These little nights alone are sooo needed.  Sometimes just one night out for drinks or dinner alone with Dov is enough to reignite some passion in the relationship.  After 10 years of being together and much of that living together it can be a challenge to not look at each other as roommates sometimes, especially when you add kids to the mix.  I mean sometimes I will wait for him all day to get home just to have a adult to talk to but then disappear to my bedroom just to have a hour or two that doesn't require getting someone juice or hugging a screaming child who just slipped and fell on a toy that THEY left on the floor. 
On to another thing, Noah has been out of school at least 2 days a week which leaves a HUGE amount of time to bully his sister and demand Thomas reruns on the netflix which resulted in a emergency trip to Micheals for some crafts and activities.  Well all was going swimmingly till we got to the Valentines display and there was a women with her teenage daughter in a wheelchair.  My son in a voice loud enough for the whole store to hear says "hey mom look at that girl, she has a HANDICAP."  Now I know this was just a innocent statement and from the look of the other mom she didn't seem to take offense but I literally could feel my blood pressure screaming up the charts.  It was all I could do not to clasp my hands over that little mouth of his.  Oh out of the mouths of babes I guess.  These are the reasons I need a night out!

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