Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Target Obsession

Well I don't know about any of you other mamma's out there but I think I have a serious unhealthy addiction to Target.  I swear whoever designed that store must understand women very well.  First off they have it nailed in the baby department, I can get anything there necessities down to baby leg warmers.  Then we are off to the women's department where I can scavenge through the clearance items for a couple Isaac Mizrahi gems.  I find myself there whenever there is a lack of something better to do and sadly sometimes when there is.  The way I knew there was a problem was that the other night while me and hubby were out having a couple drinks at a local bar I kept staring longingly out the window across the street to the bright red lights of the Target.  It took all I had in me not to ask if we could just go walk around for a bit.  Well enough of that, I am just nervous that now they tell me that they will be stocking produce!  Uh oh,  if I can claim I am grocery shopping then I am in real trouble.  The upside I guess is that I might be able to lose this baby weight finally if I spend all my grocery money on flip flops, clearance sweaters, and carters onesies!

Well I am gonna enjoy my glass of wine now and hopefully convince my son and husband to turn off Metroid so I can watch Chronicle. (God how lame have I gotten in my old age)

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