Monday, March 7, 2011

OMG FML and any other abbreviated expletive!

Yup so I know back when I started this blog I had written about our lovely OLD house and the many little problems that came with it.  Well Houston we have the biggest one yet!  I knew from the day that I looked at the house that it had a damp basement.  I mean the house is 100 years old in New Hampshire were the soil is ummmm solid granite and also well it's a fieldstone basement.  We were graced with all this lovely beautiful snow (NOT) and now a couple warm days and some rain which has created what I will call a shit storm in our basement.  No sump pump that WE currently own is going to fix this problem...I need the GD fire department to pump out this lake.  My furnace and hot water heater are all about 2 inches from total failure and that is a couple grand that I don't really need to spend right now!  Too bad that the Wilton Fire Department basically laughed in my face when I called in a absolute panic this morning.  I guess they are to busy trying to keep downtown from being submerged by the Souhegan.
There are things that are floating down there that I didn't know existed.  I am about ready to say screw it and move back in with my parents.  This responsible adult shit is for the birds.

Here is a shot of my furnace which I would really like to keep from going under water so if any one has a pail and a day off get in touch I have lots of beer and wine left over from Bells birthday party!

Speaking of which Bells party went great!  The boys (Noah and cousin Connor) were a little rambunctious but over all I think everyone had a good time.  Bell made out like a bandit and scored a whole new spring wardrobe so that is pretty sweet since we are probably about to go broke replacing all our appliances in the basement.  Well hubby is on the way home because I have called him upwards of 30 times this morning FREAKING out.  He is arriving with pumps and hoses that luckily he can borrow from work so we shall see how it goes.  If is doesn't work out Noah is going to build us a ark and we are gonna sail down the Souhegan to visit the dear man that sold us the house and wring his neck!
Hopefully the next post can be a little lighter but for now I am just really PISSED OFF.
End of the night after Bells party!  She looks pooped.