Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Wedding story

(Song-I will love you by Fisher)  Can be found by scrolling through the playlist.

The song that is playing on this blog always makes me cry.  I listened to it a awful lot before my wedding and loved it so much I almost wanted it to be our wedding song.  It was not, and for one reason.  In the song she asks if he will stay for all time.  I will never ever have that question.  I have known since the day we met that we will be together for always.  I heard this song today in the car and I just had to write a little about our wedding.  One, because it was the beginning of everything that I have written about here, but also because I can honestly say that every time I think of my wedding day I get a little sad that it is over.  What a glorious thing to feel so beautiful, marry a man that you love more then anything in the world, and have your father walk you down the aisle while everyone looks at you and remembers how they felt the day they said, I do.  The feeling is palpable and I remember every second of it like it was yesterday.  The way my dad asked me "Are you ready?" and squeezed my arm a little to tight...maybe because he wasn't ready, and how Dov was smiling, kinda too big as I got there.  I recall every single person I passed as I walked to that gazebo. 

I love how excited mom is here.  Legs fully extended and clapping.  Priceless.

 As for the ceremony we never stopped looking at each other or let go of each others hands.  The reception was everything you could have wanted.  I danced with my dad to a song we both loved and listened to when I was as old as my son is now, House on pooh corner by Loggins and Messina.  He sang the entire song to me as we danced.  I was so happy.
There are pictures from that night that might not be the best shots but I know that they capture the exact feeling of the moment.  There are three of them that I will put here.  The first is of Dov and his mom.  In this one I can see how proud she is of him.  The camera caught it and I know it now because sometimes I look at my son that way.  Granted for now I am looking down but someday I will be looking up too.
The last two here are of our first dance and last dance of the evening.  The way I look at him in these pictures is how I feel even if sometimes life gets crazy and I get crazy right along with it.  By the end of the night my dress was ripped, I was sweating from dancing, exhausted and crazy happy.  Just how I want our life to be really.

October 6, 2006

"till my body is dust and my soul is no more I will love you, love  you."-Fisher