S&M (hows that for a title) HA

I got to drive alone yesterday.  No kids, just me and Rihanna cruising with the windows down even though it was only 30 degrees.  I LOVE to go places without the kids.  Not a single person to buckle into a car seat, pack a diaper bag for or answer ten million questions about every GD thing you drive past.  I get carried away thinking that I am back in my youth, cruising care free singing to jamn 94.5 lookin' hot.  I forget that I am 30 over weight and have a baby on board sun shield hanging from the back window...how hot can that be.  All that doesn't matter because in my head I am 20 about 115 lbs and lovin life!
Here is another confession.  I have never, not once, bought or listened to any Kid Bop Cd's.  I could not torture myself or my children with that crap!  My son actually thinks that the saying goes "sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me" and that is fine by me.  So even when the kids are in the car we listen to the regular radio stations but being alone and able to crank it up and sing it as loud as I want...priceless.  Another perk to my day alone was when it was time to leave my destination I didn't have to drag a crying toddler out while carrying a 22 lb baby and a huge diaper bag and inevitably still forgetting some crucial item (like a binky), which you will need about 15 minutes after you have departed.  I kind of felt like I was jogging out the door it was so easy.
This is not to say I don't love coming home.  Bell has started to run and it is the cutest most pathetic thing I have ever seen.  If you can picture a penguin running then you have it pegged.  She gets going and then within moments that giant baby head just takes her down.  I heart this totally, and when I got home yesterday she did it just for me.  Noah on the other hand loves himself some daddy time so I don't think he missed me near as much.  Selfish little lady that I am, this morning all I could dream about was another car ride solo so I volunteered to go to my favorite place in the whole wide world...MARKET BASKET!!!  When I got home this is what was going on.

Daddy found a old tire in the woods so he decided it was time for the boy to have a tire swing...too bad that the tire was full of steel soooooo...

We had to bust out the power tools.  I mean what man job is complete until you are using power tools to rip through tire steel in the name of a swing am I right?

Mission complete! 
He even took a break to give mama some love!  He really didn't want to, but hey I am the boss in these here parts.

See this is how my kids get down.  I mean what self-respecting 30 year old mom doesn't rock out to Britney Spears?  Love how Bell says to hell with this and turns the T.V on 1/2 way through.  Oh and the monkey on the couch is what is busting out the grooves.



  1. LOL! An old tire filled with rusty steel tied to a TREE with ROPE??? Sweet Jesus that breaks like every saftey rule there is!! Doesn't Fisher Price make a PC version that includes a saftey net, seatbelt and helmet??? It proably only costs $300, you should look into that!
    Totally just kidding! Some of my favorite childhood memories are of our tire swing at my grandmothers house. Glad Noah has one, too!

  2. Oh don't worry Dov took a file to the metal shards so now it will only be a band-aid injury not a stiches injury. Safety first as you know!


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