Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yeah hi I am not just following you home. Really!

The whole reason this blog was started was because as a mom of two that stays home things can get a little ummm BORING.  Like I have mentioned before I am not a real big joiner.  I kinda really hate moms groups, mostly because they are a bunch of breastfeeding crazy types that only shop at Whole Foods but really probably because I am a extroverted introvert (if that makes sense).  I love to hang out and talk, I enjoy having people over for dinner and if you can believe it I enjoy the company of other adults but just never get around to making any connections.
Here is a perfect example, everyday when I pick my son up at preschool there is a Dodge SUV with some woman that obviously has a SON the same age as mine.  Now we put our kids in their car seats and proceed to drive home to the same street.  Do you think I have taken the initiative to say "Oh hello, you live like two houses down the street (which to be fair in New Hampshire is still .25 miles down the road).  Want to get together with the kids sometime or at least carpool since gas is like $4.00 a gallon?"  No and why because I would much rather stay in my comfort zone which is NOT comfortable at all.  I actually kind of feel like a tool driving home ten feet from her bumper and still not introducing myself.  Well why hasn't she said hello?  Probably because she is afflicted with the same ridiculous personality quirks as me.  Jeeez she sounds like my soul mate, I should get on with it already right...well we'll see, I'll let ya know at a later date.
To me the only logical solution is to go back to school or work were there is forced interaction.  That is where I thrive.  I tend to make either really good friends or pretty good enemies but hey at least it is interesting and gives me something better then Legos, Thomas trains, and the latest and greatest Facebook update to talk about.  Not that raising my kids is unsatisfactory but just like any job I guess I have my good days and bad days.  This week is just one of my off weeks where the time from 6 am to 6 pm (when hubby gets home) goes by V-E-R-Y slowly.  Next week will be different and I won't even be able to imagine leaving these two little cuties for more then a hour, so I guess I am just screwed which is fine.  I really don't have much to complain about.  My life is full and I should stop bitching and start enjoying, which I do...I can tell because for the most part my heart feels happy now my brain just needs to catch up!

I mean how miserable could I be when this little face is what I look at all day.  This is a picture that Noah took of himself.  I love these little surprise pictures I get from time to time.

The amyrillis I mentioned in a previous post.  I still am in LOVE with the color since here in NH we still are covered in snow.  No grass showing for me yet.

Bells first tu-tu.  I don't know about her being a girly girl...she looks about as comfortable in that as I would be.  Mind the Just bee you written on her shirt.  If she could talk I think she would say So not me!