Friday, March 4, 2011

Warning second hand cancer is bad for your health!

So today I got another one of those really crappy cancer phone calls.  This time it isn't exactly a family member but it still carries the same horrible feeling.  I hate those phone calls and I can't help but feel like I have had more then my share and it is starting to really piss me off.  I might just have to do one of those friggin 3 day walks just to work out the anger that second hand cancer brings with it. 
On a better note Bells birthday party is tomorrow so I have been cooking all day and the house smells so good that I have been hungry the entire day!  Pulled BBQ beef brisket, molasses hamburg baked beans, creamy coleslaw just to name a few of the delicacies on the menu for my baby girls big day.  I think I have given up on trying to keep the toys organized since every time I do a sweep of the living room the kiddos become even more determined to drag things down from their rooms and open any box that contains multiple pieces.
I also got another surprise this morning when I amaryllis has bloomed!  So beautiful, big and ORANGE.  Now that was a surprise, a very welcomed one since it is one of my favorite colors for a flower.  Hubby has the camera today or else I would post a pic of it.  I have become obsessed with color since we cannot get rid of this ugly dirty snow!  I have a few little things growing in containers on windowsills just so I can think spring now and then. 
That's it for now not that interesting of a post but good enough.  Oh and for anyone that might happen to read this post, send a prayer out to our family friend that has a pretty big battle to fight in the coming months. 
My Noah loves to cook with me.  His fav...blueberry muffins.

 My Bella also loves to be in the kitchen but usually she just tears through the spice rack.  Nutmeg seems to be her favorite!
This is what I am dreaming about during this long dreary winter!  Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Dov fishing the outer had little to do with the fishing and more with oh I don't know THE VIEW.