Friday, April 1, 2011

Good f**king morning to you too!

Every single morning starts the same.  Both of my children wake up at about 6:45am and immediately start with the list of demands.  Noah will begin with his need for a drink and cereal NOW NOW NOW.  It begins before he even drags his butt out of the bed.  I hear him start yelling "MOM, I WANT CEREALLLLL.....and a DRINKKKKK."  That is my alarm clock, and I am sure his sisters too, every single morning.  As I get his sister out of bed who is now repeating "BUBBA BUBBA BUBBA at deafening tones, Noah positions himself at the top of the stairs and demands to be carried because, as he says, "my legs hurt."  I mean come on he is three, I am sure my back hurts more then his legs, but I carry him anyway because I am a glutton for punishment, and lets be honest, I kinda feel bad carrying his sister everywhere while he has to use his perfectly good legs.  What is wrong with me? Anyways after pouring him cereal, getting him a drink, getting Bell a bubba and making sure nothing else can be done for the masters of the house, I make myself a cup of coffee and get a yogurt.  It does not fail that within 4 seconds of me sitting down that Noah will hop out of his seat to demand that he wants a yogurt, and not any yogurt just the one that I am eating.  Now while he is harassing me his sister has finished her bubba and decided that she will eat his cereal.  She makes her way over to the table, reaches as high as she can and knocks the entire bowl of cereal off the table all over her head, the floor, and nearly the computer.  Good morning Michelle!  Hope you like being stuck in the house with the kids because we have a foot of snow outside waiting for ya.

On to something besides my lovely mornings.  It was recently brought to my attention that I must have too much time on my hands if I can start a blog.  Well the answer to that is yes.  With all that morning excitement the rest of my day is spent just sitting around doing nothing, so I decided to start a blog.  No really the truth is I needed a hobby and I have always enjoyed reading and writing so it seemed like a good fit.  Really, I mean judging from the comments and page views it is hardly worth the time but I like doing it.  Hey like everything else I start...the jewelry, college, working, it is probably temporary but what the hell, for now it's my thing and I like it. Go stick that in your pipe and smoke it.  Just kidding I love you all my dear 2 readers!

This is how we wait for daddy to get home.

This is what we do when he pulls in!

This is how handsome that little devil is.

We still only play with vacuum attachments.  Refrain from bringing up any new toys unless it resembles a weapon.

Killed em dead ma!  I know, what a horrible parent.  Oh well they are mine and I will screw them up any way I see fit!  They love me and I love them that is all that matters.

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  1. I don't know why I haven't posted a comment HERE yet! I read all of your posts. :) Love these pictures! Too cute! -Em

  2. I just randomly found your blog and plan to read, too. :)


  3. Well thanks Emily! I figure if I take the time to write the GD thing it would be good to actually have some real readers (you know not just my mom.) Thanks for commenting that means you read all the way to the end :-)

  4. And thankyou A, I love the random finds,that means your not reading because you are related by blood! hehe haha huhu!

  5. You are so funny Michelle! Thanks for making me laugh. Will be back for more. Best wishes from Australia! Gosia