Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Imperfection at its peak!

I have been horrible this week.  Just plain irritable, emotional, short tempered, horrendous!  You name it I have been it.  Sadly, I think I am still in the throws of it now.  Both of the kids have been sick which is just the pits.  Runny nose, coughing, puking, 400 loose stool diapers a day makes for a type of exhaustion that could only be matched by running the Boston Marathon.  To top it off my daughter is not one of those cuddly quiet sick kids, she fights the illness with everything in her and WHINES incessantly, following me around the house crying and hanging off my leg.  I will set her all up with blankie, bubba, binky all cozy on the couch and then go in the kitchen to attempt starting dinner and within two minutes she is standing under my legs crying and reaching for uppie.  So onto the hip she goes and we end up with a sore arm and a half hazardly thrown together meal.
The point of this rant is that I am starting to admit that things can and do fall apart from time to time and it throws me for a loop.  The laundry pile grows, toys don't get picked up, I haven't made any beds in a week, and I could tell you what we had for dinner the past couple nights by looking under the kitchen table (kids are pigs). It will get done when the kids are back to themselves and don't need every tiny bit of extra energy that I have.  This is not easy for me to except though. I am one of those women that live by routine.  Without it I get uneasy...I mean I actually unpacked my entire house with two kids under foot in less then two days.  That is bat shit crazy but I needed to get back to the routine asap and that is not easy when your crap is piled to the ceiling in boxes.  I guess I should look into getting some help for this problem because all this routine doesn't make me the nicest person when there is a monkey wrench thrown into the mix like a sick kid, moving across 5 states, or family engagements that fall during nap time.
Recently I was on a SAHM forum and they were all talking about these cleaning schedules that they downloaded off a obviously psychotic website and I thought to myself, dear god do not let me find myself printing that crazy fucking thing.  "I CAN'T GO TO THE PARK RIGHT NOW!!!!!  TODAY I HAVE TO CLEAN THE OVEN AND MOVE ALL THE LARGE FURNITURE TO VACUUM UNDERNEATH!"  Yes that was actually on the list.  I can't tell you what is under my couch but I am sure that it is hairy and gross and will get cleaned when we buy another couch. 
My daughter is now hanging off my leg with huge green buggers so that is all for today.  Whoever leaves the best comment about their own imperfection(s) will get this imperfect necklace.  Nothing special just a token of my appreciation for sharing your little quirks.  Misery loves company ya know!  Handmade by me at the peak of exhaustion so it is guaranteed to be perfectly imperfect!
This is how most of this past week has been spent.  I do actually love when she is a little clingy because well she is a baby and babies are like the best little huggers in the word!

I don't know...she might just be wiping her nose.

Noah recently wanted a Venus fly trap so here it is.  He has named it Eric...I don't know why.

See this is what we try to show the world but inside or little bubbles....

This is what is really going on.  Bella in all her glorious imperfection.  Love her to pieces.


  1. Michelle,
    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog, (and how much you sound exactly like me in more ways than one)! I really amire the fact that you take the time to vent, bitch, praise, commend-just let us into your life basically, even if is only in tid-bits. Reading this just makes me realize that I am not 100% crazy, (though my husband may beg to differ), shit can, (and will), hit the fan, life has its ups and downs, take a step back, breathe, love/enjoy the people in your life who matter, and realize that there is always someone out there who is less fortunate.
    Most people don't realize just how hard it is to be a SAHM. We don't get many "breaks" during the day, and the ones we do get are maybe a few seconds to run off and "restore personal comfort"...even then its an open door policy!!
    Thanks for the new post, (and keep 'em coming), it really brightened up my otherwise crappy day! :)
    Meg Anderson

  2. Thanks Meg! Yeah the blog lets me put things into perspective. When you sit down in the rare quite moments and kinda reflect on what is going on in your life it can give you a little more clarity. It is hard to not feel like you are alone in the journey but hearing that I am not the only one helps! Oh and by the way I can't remember the last time I have had a moment of peace in the restroom. I have to remind myself to shut the door when we have company over :))))

  3. HaHa Michelle I love this one :) Mostly because as i was reading it i thought "holy crap is she talking about my life". I can't tell you how many times my mom comes over and starts to pick up the house or spends a awful long time in the bathroom only to come out and tell me it needed to be cleaned so she did it for me! Its nice and all don't get me wrong but at the same time it makes me feel like i am not doing a great job. There is a reason i don't follow behind the kids and pick up after them, that reason is they want to play with their toys and not just play the game of clean up clean up!! I clean when the kids take a nap and i pick up when they go to bed. I would like to enjoy my kids because they grow up way to friggin fast and if my house comes second well.... my house comes second :)


  4. Thanks Bonnie! Yeah I am slightly neurotic when it comes to cleaning and have on more then one occasion found myself yelling at the kids to CLEAN UP and thought...you dipshit they want to play and be kids! I am S-L-O-W-L-Y learning to not sweat the small stuff. Can't wait to see the pics of the kids in their easter duds. :)