Monday, May 23, 2011

The baby broke my nose.

Have you ever been headbutted by a large headed child before?  Have you had that giant baby head, all excited and playful, come slamming right into your nose?  It will fill your body with the most conflicting emotions you will ever have.  For a minute you will want to punch a baby.  You won't do it, but as tears well in your eyes and blood starts trickling from your nose your baby will look at you laughing and poke you right were it hurts.  For the love of motherhood there is nothing more painfully fustrating as that.  It means that playtime is going to meet a abrupt end and the child will be crying and so will you.  Moving on because just thinking about it brings back feelings that a "good" mother should not have.
Sorry I busted you in the face mom.  I let the excitement take over and my head got away from me.

In other news we got a call Sunday morning from Grammy Constance, Dov's mother, and she had a friend that was going to trash a wooden playset that her children had outgrown.  We could not let that happen so off we went to dissesmble and transport this thing back to New Hampshire.  To be truthful I just watched the kids while Dov and his mom took it apart but hey thats helping right?  So now Dov is outside in the rain piecing this thing back together.  It is by no means new or beautiful but I think that it is perfect for Noah and I hope he enjoys it for more then a week, which is about the novelty period in this house. 

We also worked in the yard this weekend, well the one day that it stopped raining and being shitty.  I took a errand opportunity that I obviously had no business taking.  It was to go to Lowes and get some grass seed and some fertilizer.  No big deal right?  Well it wasn't till I got to checkout and realized that I must have picked magic grass seed.  As she finishes ringing me up I glance at the debit machine and see a total of $144.00!!!  WTH!  Now there is a line of people behind me all balancing heavy bags of whatever on their shoulders so I feel obligated to hurry up and pay.  As soon as I get to the car I take out the reciept because obviously there is some sort of mistake...I mean she must have rung up the bag 16 or 17 times by accident right?  Nope.  Each bag of grass seed was $49.00 and each bag of fertilizer was $45.00.  No lie.  I drove home shocked.  I desperately wanted to stop at Dunkins for a coffee but I was now offically broke from grass seed.  I got home, face hanging low, and tell Dov my grand total.  Long story short we immediatly made a trip back to return my overpriced seed and Dov showed me that there is a bigger bag of seed for just $20.00.  What can I say.  I am a sheep.  I saw everyone buying this one bag so thats what I got.  I guess from now on I will let Dov do the Lowes errands and I will stick to the Dollar Tree.  I might get the last laugh though when the grass grows in and most of it is crab.  We'll see.

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