Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Fabulous Misses Fox...is a beginning to become an A-hole.

The fox has gone from a mystical and beautiful creature to public enemy number one.  Since the first day I spotted the pups, so adorable and playful on the side of the road ten yards from my front door, they have grown into slightly smaller versions of the mother and father fox but with the vocal restraint of a toddler.  They cry and yelp and moan allllll night long.  It is not a mystical or beautiful noise they make either, it is a painful, horrid cry that is only slightly less annoying then a actual toddler lying in your room at night yelling, crying and carrying on. 

The first night that I heard it I was still enamored with the adorable little pups so I grabbed my husband and a flash light and ran down the street at 10 pm to see if one of them had been hit by a car.  Silly me, because if I had known that this was just the start of their endless night time bellyaching you can bet it would not have been a flashlight I would have grabbed.
Now that the pups are getting bigger mama fox is searching in wider circles to feed those whiny babies. I have spotted her in my back yard at least a half dozen mornings in a row.  This morning she had a stand down with my husband while she stood outside our chicken coop at 5am.   Mama fox was also growling this time...NOT cool.

I can honestly tell you that if she messes with my chickens there will be a quick end.  Lets just say it might mean we will have some foster foxes up here in Wilton, sad but true.  We have done our due diligence to avoid a very unfair death match between a creature with no teeth and useless wings and a ferocious wild animal with sharp teeth and stealthy moves but from what I hear foxes are masterminds when it comes to breaking and entering into a chicken house.  Only time will tell but I can assure you that Bella's baby monitor has a new calling...chicken security system.

Kind of a funny side note, but as it turns out my husband had added The fabulous Mister Fox to our Netflix que.  For those not aware, it is a children's movie about a fox who has a lucrative side job as a chicken bandit..  I sat there the other night with my son who was rooting for Mr. Fox while I secretly rooted for the farmer with the shotgun.  This movie has terrified me.  I am very torn about the whole situation with the foxes.  On the one hand they are a beautiful, adorable part of nature but on the other hand I have these baby chickens that I have bought and brought to this location which is basically like commiting chicken abuse...chicken neglect...chicken torture!! In my defense the chickens were bought a week before we spotted the foxes but I still feel guilty.  I am hoping the fox family finds a new log to live in but as the weeks tick by I highly doubt it.  All the neighbors that have chickens have already taken to stopping in front of my house, laying on their horns and yelling at the fox pups...I can only assume that mama has ravaged their hen house already.  We will just remain vigilant and hope for the best. 

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