Sunday, May 29, 2011

No good deed goes unpunished.

No good deed goes unpunished, isn't that the saying?  Today's trip to Lyndeborough for their Memorial Day parade was a good example of that.  Maybe it was the fact that it was a little too hot out for the kids or maybe it was the fact that Lyndeborough's idea of a parade is a little off by today's standards.  To call it a disaster would be overstating it but to call it a bad idea would be reasonable.  I should have known when we pulled into town and the only store was this.  The Village Store, a village is not a city, not a town, it is a village.  I think the population is close to zero. 
There were approximately 15 people on the sides of the road when we pulled into the village.  I was a little surprised since we only had about 10 minutes till the parade was about to kick off.  I heard the drums start and the kids settled in to see all the hoopla.  The thing was that there was absolutely NO hoopla to be had.  Even the fire truck didn't wail on the siren.  I mean what the hell is a parade without your ears ringing when you leave?  Noah starts to yell "when are they gonna throw the candy?"  Sorry kid this is not that kind of parade.  When your kid yelling for candy can be heard by all the people in attendance that means this parade is a FAIL.  Hey at least Abraham Lincoln showed up.

Noah's expression sums up his sentiments about this parade experience.  I think that I might have a hard time getting him excited about parades again.

What a crowd huh?
Even a trip to DD dogs couldn't lift the funk. 

The remedy was right at home.  A sprinkler and a bathing suit was all we needed to lift the gloom. 

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