Sunday, May 15, 2011

Power washing and Pit bulls

Power washing.  This had serious potential for knocking lawn mowing off my favorite chore list. That was until we realized that although extremely satisfying and enjoyable we much prefer running water in the house.  Yes, we drained the well power washing everything in sight.  How can you not get carried away?  Our 10 year old deck looks brandy new!  The vinyl siding is gleaming white and the laundry will not have to get done today because there is no water!  Fine by me...since I was smart enough to shower first.  I win.   We learned a valuable lesson about wells and power washers but boy did we have fun. 

Saturday was spent with the power washer but Sunday was spent cooped up inside due to crap weather.  Around noon I decided that we needed to go for a ride.  Mostly because I thought I might lock the children in the garage if they did not stop running circles around the downstairs trying to out screech one another.  The ride landed us at the Nashua Animal Rescue league.  As we entered the dog area I could tell we were in for a treat.  Now I am going to come off as a animal bigot right now but I do not like pit bull/terriers.  I think this shelter gets A LOT of them since almost every cage was housing a pit bull engaging in ferocious barking, growling, and general discontented behavior...some eating their own shit...sorry to be so graphic.  My son went from excited to terrified in about 30 seconds time.  Bella just looked shocked and horrified.  We perused the kennels half paralyzed in fear till I found one poor dog that looked about as scared as my two children and I tried to give him a little comfort and an affectionate look through the reinforced plexi-glass, but honestly I just wanted to run screaming out of there.

On our way out we spotted the cat room.  I thought that maybe we could correct the trip by taking a nice quiet walk through the cat quarters and seeing all the pretty kitties.  Not two seconds after we get in there my 3 year old starts yelling "It smells GROSS in here!  I think it's gonna make me puke!  WHAT IS THAT BAD SMELL?".  As I ushered him out dodging nasty glares from the adoption workers I start to wonder if we should have stayed home.

So home we are.  In the pouring rain.  Bored and dogless.  But at least we have running water.  Bella sums up our Sunday perfectly below.
No, he doesn't like the smell of cat pee but he still loves me.
*For anyone who LOVES pit bulls...I know there are plenty that are great dogs and I know they have gotten a bad rap.   This particular shelter had quite a few that obviously had not been treated humanly in their entire life.  I think if you don't have children and don't mind living in absolute fear then maybe one of the dogs at this shelter might be the right fit for you.  They are still beautiful animals but if I am being truthful they scare the living hell out of me!


  1. The picture of you an noah its insane how much you guys look alike. -katie

  2. Well judging from a immediate bumper sticker posted on Facebook after this was published that read "Don't judge my Pitbull and I won't judge your children" I can only guess that this pissed someone off. Very sorry. I must say though that dogs are not children and many people have breeds that they prefer. I like labs. Some people think labs are dumb. I would never call their children dumb...a dog sure. We are all entitled to our opinions and I can assure you that people do judge children. Quite often I assure you. Try not to lose sleep over it. I am sure your dog is wonderful.