Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weeds...and not the desirable kind.

Tonight I contemplated posting at all since my mind has been dwelling in the deepest and darkest chasms today and I was terrified of what I might say.  But since dinner has been completed, children have been bathed, and I got a new clothes line installed I am feeling a bit brighter...the glass of vino didn't hurt either.

This weekend we hit up a couple of the nearby flea markets.  One thing that I hate about venturing out with your children in this Spring weather is that I am never sure how to dress them.  Saturday morning, bright beautiful sunshine, news forecasting temps in the 70's.  Great!  Get the kids dressed, Bell in some lightweight pants and t-shirt, Noah in a T-shirt and shorts.  We get to the market and of course it is like 55 and friggin freezing.  Now if you are a mom you know what happens next.  Not only do you feel terrible but everyone and their brother is blabbering on..."Oh you must be cold honey" "Shorts...oh boy" blah blah.  The first thing I did when we got there was buy the kid a overpriced Red Sox sweatshirt, but I still got to wear the idiot mom badge throughout the flea market.  On top of that, Noah decides he would like to try on his bratty pants persona and tears around double dipping in the free food samples, erasing peoples dry erase signs and being generally shitty.   Really makes for a fun couple of hours on a Saturday morning.

Believe it or not we were bold enough to attempt it again on Sunday!  This time went much better.  I'm not sure if it was the fact that the we had some practice under our belts or if it was the trailer park laid back atmosphere at this particular market.  Either way Sundays adventure went swimmingly and we all had a hot dog.  Hooray.

Couple of little things I learned this weekend.
  • If your husband says that he will make you a clothes line no problem, just assume that it will be a problem and a half day project.
  • When you buy a house that needs work on the inside be prepared for it to also need work on the outside.  I have found that our lawn consist of about 10% grass and 80% bitch ass dandelions and 10% of this horrid pricker weed that will make you want to scream like you are being murdered if you step on them.
  • Renting a rottetilier cost 250.00 no shit.  That is for 1 day.
  • Sometimes a smaller garden is ok.
  • Spraying poison on weeds and bugs makes me happy.
  • My daughters new favorite word is mama and she says it A LOT and YELLS IT A LOT and walks around the house saying it for no reason and every reason and it is starting to make me a little crazy.
  • I have never had a clue how to dress myself so what made me think I had the credentials to dress two other human beings?
  • See.  This is how she would be dressed all the time if I had it my way!
  • I hate people that buy name brand crap...because I don't.  Hate might be a strong word but lets say they irritate me.

 Thats it for the weekend...Hope everyone enjoyed the weather and were dressed appropriately.
This is the size garden that we ended up with and I am FINE with that.

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