Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crappy genetics and backseat drivers

Well come to find out the bear was a day early for his turkey dinner. Yesterday the only wildlife sighting was turkeys.  Much more welcomed then bears but still a nuisance when they saunter in front of your car when you are in a rush.  Turkeys are NEVER in a rush (unless being hunted of course) and take their sweet ass time crossing the road.  Just when you think the clan has all gone the turkey holding up the rear will jump out of the woods.  This causes you to jack your breaks which then leads to your son telling you Dad is a better driver.  Nothing irritates me more then a three year old critiquing my driving skills.  Sadly I think he learned this annoying trait from me.  I am a chronic passenger seat driver.   Yes...bad I know.

Today is very warm here as I am pretty sure it is everywhere.  I won't complain since I did that enough about the snow and to complain about the heat now makes me a complete ass BUTOMYGODITISSOFRICKINHUMID!  Even in this heat the kids insist on carrying around their fleece blankets.  I mean you could not pay me to put a fleece anything near my body today!  Bell keeps it looking cool though with the hat.

One last thing.  There are a few lies that parents tell to their kids.  The obvious innocent lies are about Santa, the Easter bunny, the Tooth fairy and things of that nature.  There is a whole other group of lies that parents tell their children that are to make the child feel better about shitty genetics.  I was cursed with billions of freckles.  Not the cute little sprinkle over the nose that barbie adorns, but the whole face, arm, leg kind.  The kind that get you made fun of as a child.  It would always be after a good teasing that one of your parents would give you this little gem, "Oh don't worry, when you get older they will go away."  LIE.  This was after about 15 minutes outside today.  We come in for lunch and Noah asks me, "What is all that brown stuff on your face mom?"  Nice huh!  Oh well.  I deal.

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  1. DON'T YOU EVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freckles are AWESOME! DO not even say you were "cursed" with them, honestly, I would tell you if I thought they were horrible, and SOMETIMES? when people have like mass amounts and they have more freckles showing thru then actual skin? Yeah, not ok. BUT YOU? and your freckles? LOVE! seriously, you will one day learn to love them, I know you will, because I have ALWAYS wished that I had freckles like you, because they are just...I dont even know the word, "cute" seems too trite, but trust me, I WISH I had freckles like you. So you stop it! It is not a bad thing silly!!!!