Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The peeping package and cutting bangs with dull scissors

It is raining.  AGAIN.  I am slowly going crazy and so decided to break the cardinal female hair rule.  I cut my own bangs in a moment that I was feeling a little emotional.  Yes, emotional.  I was feeling old and saw what appears to be WRINKLES in my forehead!  LOP LOP LOP and off comes 2 years of hard work.  Two years of weird side bangs and 4000 headbands.  Two years of 6 trillion bobby pins and hours of blow drying.  Yes they were finally the same length as my hair and I CHOPPED them off with very dull scissors that I found in the pencil cup in the kitchen, classy I know. 

You know what though, this is not the first time that I have broken this rule.   A week before my wedding I also thought that I might want some bangs and the oblivious hairdresser actually said it was a great idea and cut me some bangage.  Now they weren't terrible but as with any drastic haircut you need more then a week to mentally get use to looking at yourself with bangs.  I spent that week before my wedding in a panic trying to figure out if Horses Mane shampoo really does make your hair grow faster.  Lo and behold the bangs worked out for the wedding and to be truthful I actually kinda liked them.  Granted the ones I cut today are a little lopsided since I am blind and was using paper scissors but again...I kinda like them.  The bonus is they make me look twelve instead of thirty.  SWEET!  Here is my bang history in the past 5 years.

My sister and I...see I am sporting the wedding bangs.  This is also a testament that extreme weight loss can be attained when you work out for 4 hours a night and don't let little monsters invade your uterus.  Love them but they do serious irreversible damage to the belly region.
Here we are the DAY AFTER the wedding.  Already growing them out.  Notice me styling the headband.  Yup grew them out for a year here and then did this.

Yet again a emotional haircut.  Just had baby #1, feeling fat, frumpy and exhausted.  Lets cut all our hair off!!!!  Hated this haircut and it made me feel older, fatter, and more matronly then before.

Here we are two weeks ago...bangless and drum roll please.....................................................

Bangs.  Now they better behave or I will headband and bobby pin them into extinction in a HOT minute.

While I typed this lovely blog all about myself the phone rang and the post office informed me that I had a peeping package awaiting pickup.   Here they are!!!  OMG CUTE!
I am in LOVE with my chickens.  They might even sleep in the bed with me.  Just kidding.  Maybe.

I am now taking suggestions for a farm name.  Got any ideas?????  Come on people I need all the help I can muster.  Pretty please!

Cutie pies.


  1. Well I guess 60 page views and no comments means you are not interested in helping me out huh? lol well so far Mom has come up with 2.
    1) Bear Hill Run
    2) Bear Hug Farm

    Come on guys lets hear something creative. I am planning on having a sign made for the barn and it needs to be good!

  2. Jellystone Farm


    Yogi's all you can eat chicken buffet

    Or a more serious one...

    Ashdown Forest (where winnie-the-pooh stories took place) Farm

    Since I know you're a lil bit of a fan.

  3. Ashdown Forest Farm...I like the sounds of that! Very creative and thoughtful. Thanks ;)